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We've compiled a list of 123 free and paid alternatives to Microsoft Teams. The primary competitors include Wrike, BlueJeans Meetings. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between Microsoft Teams and Skype, Slack, UniTel Voice. Also you can look at other similar options here: Collaboration and Productivity Software, Video Conferencing Software.

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Dynamic work management platform fostering seamless collaboration in task handling, project planning, and document sharing. Perfect for businesses with multiple teams requiring efficient coordination. Track time and manage tasks effortlessly.

Cloud-based video conferencing platform boasts high-definition video, Dolby Voice audio, content sharing, integrations with productivity tools. Perfect for meetings, webinars, virtual events, ensures secure and efficient online collaboration.


An instant messaging app that provides online text message and video chat services.

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Slack is the hub for seamless collaboration, offering real-time messaging, file sharing, and integration with apps. Get work done efficiently from anywhere.

UniTel Voice

Unitelvoice is a virtual phone system that provides features such as voicemail, call forwarding, and virtual extensions for businesses. Get a local or toll-free number for online management, using a virtual phone system to work from anywhere in the …

Webex Calling
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Webex Calling by Cisco is a cloud-native telephony solution specifically tailored for mid-sized enterprises, offering comprehensive business calling functionalities. It eliminates the concerns associated with the cost and intricacies of maintaining …

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Dialpad Talk, the cloud-based business phone system, ensures seamless team connections on any device. Leverage advanced Voice Intelligence features for real-time transcription, post-call summaries, and seamless integration.

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Bitrix24 is an integrated business management platform that provides a wide range of tools for collaboration, task management, communication, and other corporate functions. The main features include CRM, project management, task management, calendar…

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LoopUp is a cloud telephony platform that streamlines communications for multinational enterprises. It consolidates global telephony provisions into a single, unified cloud solution, simplifying management and support while providing economies of sc…

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Spike offers a unified business communication solution, integrating team chat, email, video/audio meetings, AI tools, and collaborative documents. Enhance productivity and streamline interactions across internal teams and external partners, regardle…

Microsoft's communication hub for teamwork.

Microsoft Teams Platforms

tick-square iPad
tick-square iPhone
tick-square Web-Based
tick-square Mac
tick-square Android
tick-square Windows

Microsoft Teams Video and Screenshots

Microsoft Teams Overview

Microsoft Teams is the chat-based workspace in Office 365 that integrates all the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and effective.

Microsoft Teams Features

tick-square Workflow Management
tick-square Third Party Integrations
tick-square Social Media Integration
tick-square Screen Recording
tick-square Screen Capture
tick-square Recording
tick-square Meeting Notes
tick-square File Transfer
tick-square File Sharing
tick-square File Management
tick-square Event Management
tick-square Email Reminders
tick-square Data Import/Export
tick-square Conferencing
tick-square Availability Indicator
tick-square Auto Framing
tick-square @mentions
tick-square PBX
tick-square Call Conferencing
tick-square Audio Capture
tick-square Online Voice Transmission
tick-square Video Layouts/Views
tick-square Targeted/Locked Screen Sharing
tick-square Real Time Screen Sharing
tick-square Presenter Control Management
tick-square Presentation Tools
tick-square On-Demand Webcasting
tick-square Multi-Participant Screen Sharing
tick-square Mobile Screen Sharing
tick-square Meeting Room Booking
tick-square Internal Meetings
tick-square Host Controls
tick-square Desktop/Browser Sharing
tick-square Automatic Transcription
tick-square Agenda Management
tick-square Presentation Streaming
tick-square Virtual Backgrounds
tick-square Two-Way Audio & Video
tick-square Multi-User Collaboration
tick-square Video Support
tick-square SSL Security
tick-square Multi-Channel Communication
tick-square Event Scheduling
tick-square Annotations
tick-square Discussions/Forums
tick-square Real-Time Chat
tick-square Polls/Voting
tick-square Personalization
tick-square Communication Management
tick-square Microsoft Outlook Integration
tick-square Application Management
tick-square Interaction Tracking
tick-square Surveys & Feedback
tick-square Meeting Management
tick-square Backup and Recovery
tick-square Tagging
tick-square Real Time Updates
tick-square Real Time Notifications
tick-square Commenting/Notes
tick-square Chat/Messaging
tick-square Assignment Management
tick-square Role-Based Permissions
tick-square Collaboration Tools
tick-square Search/Filter
tick-square For Small Businesses
tick-square Email Management
tick-square Document Management
tick-square Activity Dashboard
tick-square Template Management
tick-square Reporting & Statistics
tick-square Remote Access/Control
tick-square Project Management
tick-square Mobile Access
tick-square Document Storage
tick-square Contact Management
tick-square Calendar Management
tick-square Alerts/Notifications
tick-square Activity Tracking
tick-square Access Controls/Permissions
tick-square User Management
tick-square Video Conferencing
tick-square Live Chat
tick-square Call Routing
tick-square Call Transfer
tick-square CRM
tick-square Task Management
tick-square Private Chat
tick-square Screen Mirroring
tick-square User Profiles
tick-square API
tick-square Screen Sharing

Top Microsoft Teams Alternatives

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