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Sublime Text
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Sublime Text is a powerful text editor tailored for programmers, boasting robust syntax highlighting for numerous languages, seamless code completion, and multicursor functionality. Its integrated Git support streamlines version control, while exten…

Visual Studio Code is a versatile code editor tailored for modern web and cloud app development. It's free, cross-platform, and boasts a rich ecosystem of extensions.

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Figma is a web-based application primarily focused on user interface design, encompassing the creation of web design, mobile applications, and various graphical assets. Providing real-time project creation, collaboration, and editing features, Figma…

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Toptal is a platform for hiring top-tier freelancers across programming, design, finance, and more. With a rigorous screening process, clients can find skilled professionals globally based on specific criteria like expertise and region. Whether for …

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Online software for marketing agencies and businesses in various industries to streamline content review and approval. Centralize feedback with annotation tools, automate tasks like file-sharing and document conversion, and enhance collaboration.

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