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VWO Testing
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VWO Testing is an advanced A/B and multivariate testing tool for websites and applications. Conduct tests on page elements, analyze conversions, and enhance user experience with features like visual editing, SSO authentication, behavioral targeting,…

VWO Personalize empowers high-converting websites with a robust personalization engine. Harness visitor data such as device, browsing behavior, and third-party insights to tailor specific campaigns. Craft personalized experiences at scale with a com…

Qt Framework is a powerful cross-platform C++ framework for developing applications with GUIs, as well as non-GUI tools and utilities. It provides a comprehensive set of libraries and tools for building applications that can run on various platforms…

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Figma is a web-based application primarily focused on user interface design, encompassing the creation of web design, mobile applications, and various graphical assets. Providing real-time project creation, collaboration, and editing features, Figma…

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Whatfix is equipped with advanced analytics capabilities, empowering employees with contextual user experiences, step-by-step guidance, self-help support, and analytics that track user behavior, providing a comprehensive understanding of digital ado…

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LogRocket is a comprehensive monitoring and debugging tool for web applications. It allows you to see exactly what your users are experiencing on your website, helping you identify and fix issues quickly.

All in One Accessibility
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All in One Accessibility is an AI-powered accessibility widget designed to improve website compliance with WCAG 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, and other global standards. It accommodates users with various disabilities, such as blindness, motor impairments, and cog…

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CommandBar, a user assistance platform powered by artificial intelligence, revolutionizes in-app guidance for Core Product, Marketing, and Customer Success Teams. Through continuous learning mechanisms and sophisticated content delivery, it enhances…


Contentsquare is a powerful digital experience analytics platform that empowers businesses to understand and optimize their online customer journeys. It provides in-depth insights into user behavior on websites and mobile apps, helping businesses to…


Transform your online store with headless frontend platform. Take control of design, ensure rapid page loads, and enhance productivity with custom elements—no coding required.

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Userpilot provides development teams with tools to create and enhance user interfaces in applications and websites. The platform makes it easy to create and deploy interactive elements such as tooltips, notifications, and navigation components.

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Рvolutionary No-Code Web Design Platform. Unleash your creativity with Vev's powerful tools for building stunning websites.

Zoho PageSense
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Comprehensive platform for A/B testing and optimizing conversion rates. With features like Goals, Heatmaps, and Session Recording, it tracks metrics, analyzes visitor behavior, and enhances website conversions effectively.

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Experience AddSearch: lightning-fast, customizable site search with AI-powered filtering. Boost conversions and ROI with seamless implementation and expert support.

FlairBuilder is a user interface prototyping tool for easy authoring of interactive website...

Free Open Source

layerJS: open source JS framework for composing web user interfaces on animated layers

What's next after wireframes? Visual Design and Notism.

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Cloud-based UX solution that enables businesses to optimize app functionality. It records and analyzes user micro-interactions, offering activity monitoring, behavior analysis, data export, offline recording, visualization, and reporting.

Enhance your product design journey with Material 3, Google's latest open-source design system. Fast-track the development of beautiful and user-centric digital experiences, thanks to its adaptable framework and top-notch open-source code.

Flexbox Grid
Free Open Source

A grid system based on the flex display property

Free Open Source

LESS extends CSS with dynamic behavior such as variables, mixins, operations and functions.

Pttrns is the finest collection of design patterns, resources and inspiration.

Free Open Source

JavaScript Animation Engine with top performance and tons of features.

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Cloud-based platform for product experiences, aiding businesses in analyzing user experience for potential customers. It offers features like feedback gathering, audience segmentation, retention metrics, and customizable reporting.

Create five screens in ten minutes without any programming knowledge or prior training!

BackBee CMS
Free Open Source

Open source Content Management System

Enhance your online presence with Evolve's cutting-edge design tools. Specializing in robust WordPress solutions, Advanced Columns provides a flexible layout experience on a CSS grid foundation. Professionally supported plugins guarantee solid code …

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