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Leave Dates
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Elevate team coordination with Leave Dates: an intuitive annual leave planner and management system. Simplify your leave scheduling process seamlessly.

Roosted is an all-in-one solution for scheduling, time-tracking, payroll, document signing, and communications. Streamline your operations with Roosted!

Top Echelon
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Top Echelon offers an all-in-one applicant tracking system and recruiting CRM tailored for recruiting agencies and HR professionals. Simplify your recruitment process with one-click job posting, custom workflows, and applicant tracking. Enhance prod…

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Transform talent acquisition and development with Zapilio an AI-Powered digital skills assessment platform. Leverage AI analytics for smart hiring decisions and custom learning paths. Experience tailored solutions and 24/7 support for a future-ready…


JobDiva offers a cutting-edge Platform as a Service (PaaS) for staffing agencies, featuring a patent-protected recruitment engine. AI-powered SaaS solution integrates CRM, job board synchronization, BI analytics, 24-hour resume harvesting, a Mobile …

Sense is an all-in-one AI-powered communication and engagement platform designed for modern recruiting companies. It offers automated communication, 2-way texting, NPS, redeployment, and candidate engagement tools to enhance personalization, improve…

Ceipal ATS
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Ceipal's ATS and Recruitment Management Systems offer a unified talent ecosystem with AI-driven automation. Features include candidate categorization by skills, location, and pay range. Enjoy job requisition, posting, candidate matching, and advance…

Radancy is a cloud-based talent acquisition software that optimizes the entire candidate journey for enterprises. It simplifies hiring, reduces costs, and improves ROI and recruiter efficiency using AI, data-driven insights, and industry expertise. …


CleverConnect is a cloud-based talent acquisition platform that simplifies the recruitment process by enabling you to attract, engage, and manage top talent effectively. It allows you to create and nurture talent pools, provide personalized opportun…

RUN Powered by ADP offers small businesses a comprehensive payroll and HR solution. Simplify payroll processing, automate tax calculations and reporting, and access round-the-clock support. HR features include an employee handbook wizard, job postin…

Glider AI
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Glider AI is a comprehensive skills assessment and interview platform that helps you discover, validate, and develop candidate and employee skills. Utilize AI-based automation, proctoring for integrity, and DE&I for fairness to pre-qualify candidate…

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Deputy represents an advanced platform for workforce management, offering comprehensive functionalities such as intricate employee scheduling, precise time tracking, and seamless team communication.

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VIVAHR is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that streamlines the hiring process for businesses. It offers features like job posting, candidate tracking, interview scheduling, and more.

Staffing Referrals is designed to accelerate the sourcing, engagement, and placement of qualified candidates for staffing agencies. It offers referral automation, personalized dashboards, and social sharing tools to boost referral generation. Seamle…

Zoho Recruit
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Zoho Recruit is a comprehensive talent acquisition software that offers an integrated ATS and CRM platform for staffing agencies and corporate HR teams. It provides scalable and customizable remote hiring tools to source, track, assess, and hire qua…

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Xobin is a candidate assessment tool that streamlines pre-employment screening, workforce learning, and development. It offers skill assessments, psychometric tests, and video interviews, while also providing solutions for campus, tech, and secure o…

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Loxo is a Talent Intelligence Platform that combines ATS, CRM, outbound recruitment, data, and sourcing tools into one AI-powered solution for hiring professionals. It streamlines the recruitment process, improves data accuracy, and automates tasks …

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100Hires is a hiring solution and applicant tracking system that streamlines your recruitment process by automating job posting to integrated job boards, managing candidates with a Kanban board, storing candidate information, sending bulk emails, an…

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hireEZ is a comprehensive AI-powered recruitment CRM platform that offers AI sourcing, applicant matching, automated outreach, intelligent talent pools, and a dynamic career site, seamlessly integrating with your existing ATS and providing robust an…

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Recruitee: modern candidate tracking and collaborative recruiting software. Improved customer assistance, a superior UI, and simple customization.

Active Bridge excels in delivering dedicated full-stack developers on demand, empowering clients to enhance their in-house teams seamlessly.

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Leapsome, favored by CEOs and HR teams, boosts employee development, productivity, and engagement with its all-in-one enablement platform.

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