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AI Meeting Assistants Software


Laxis AI Meeting Assistant boosts revenue teams by effortlessly extracting key insights from customer interactions. It provides sales, marketing, and service professionals with essential details and insights for more effective customer engagement.

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MeetGeek: AI meeting assistant for seamless recording, transcription, and sharing of meeting notes, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

Sembly, the AI-driven team assistant, seamlessly records, transcribes, and generates intelligent meeting summaries, including minutes. Compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, it enhances collaboration efficiency for professional enga…

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Avoma is designed to facilitate the process of conducting meetings and tracking their productivity. This intelligent assistant uses artificial intelligence to analyze meeting audio recordings, recognize key points, and automatically generate reports.
Subscription Free leverages advanced generative AI to revolutionize your team's voice conversations. Transcribe, summarize, search, and analyze meetings effortlessly. Seamlessly integrate with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and more. Elevate …

Dialpad Ai Voice leverages advanced NLP for real-time analysis of customer conversations. With built-in Ai, it transcribes, notes, and tracks action items during calls, ensuring your focus remains on meaningful dialogue.

Fellow App
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Fellow is a meeting management tool designed to streamline the entire meeting process. With advanced features like AI-generated meeting agendas and integrated transcription services, Fellow empowers managers to host highly effective meetings.

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Increase meeting productivity with Fathom, which makes it easy to record, transcribe and highlight key points in Zoom calls, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. Get access to instant summaries, shareable clips, and synchronized CRM notes, eliminating th…

Grain AI
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Grain AI is a comprehensive platform revolutionizing video calls with automatic note-taking, AI insights, and seamless integrations. It elevates team collaboration by capturing and organizing key discussion points, ensuring productivity and engageme…

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Spike offers a unified business communication solution, integrating team chat, email, video/audio meetings, AI tools, and collaborative documents. Enhance productivity and streamline interactions across internal teams and external partners, regardle…

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