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Product Management Software

  • Asana

    Whether you’re between meetings or in line for a latte, use Asana to quickly capture tasks, to-dos, reminders, and ideas. Get updates from coworkers, organize tasks and projects for work, or manage your to-do list for the day. With Asana’s mobile ap…

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  • ClickUp

    ClickUp is an all-in-one project management platform that eliminates the need of using more than one tool for your organization’s workflow. ClickUp’s core purpose is to remove the frustrations, inefficiencies, and disconnect caused by the current pr…

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  • Zoho Projects

    Zoho Projects is a free online web based project planning / collaboration management software tool that helps get projects done faster. Our project manager helps with time and bug tracking. Get 1 free project today!


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  • FreedomSponsors

    FreedomSponsors is a platform for supporting free/libre software projects through microcrowdfunding – that is, crowdfunding individual issues of open source projects. The issue crowdfunding system is similar to JIRA’s voting system, but the votes co…


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  • Kendis.io

    Kendis is the Agile Scaling Platform. It offers specialized boards for the SAFe®, Spotify Model, Scrum of Scrums, LeSS or your custom scaling model. With Kendis you can manage * Cross team and program dependencies * Releases * Programs * Portfolio *…

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  • ReviewBot

    ReviewBot is a review monitoring service. We'll send you a notification every time someone leaves a review for your app, business, or podcast. It's easy to get started and you can choose to be notified via Slack or email. Interested in kno…

    Slack Web-Based

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  • Code Spaces

    Code Spaces is a professional Subversion Hosting and Issue Tracking System. Subversion Hosting Code Spaces delivers first class Subversion Hosting using the very best hardware and software combination available. See our Subversion Hosting page for m…


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  • 320 and Up

    The ‘tiny screen first’ responsive boilerplate.


  • SPECZ.io

    The target audience of the SPECZ.io online template are people, who want to develop or commission a new piece of software and need to come up with a high-quality and easy-to-read Software Requirements Document in a few minutes or a couple of hours. …


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  • Pastel

    Start collecting feedback from your team and clients in seconds. Just paste a link in our dashboard to create a custom Pastel Canvas and share it to get feedback. Anyone can leave a sticky note directly on the live website without signing up or inst…

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  • TeamSnippets

    TeamSnippets automatically collects and distributes your team's daily status updates.


  • Visualyzer

    Visualyzer provides amazing features that help you manage Business Design projects in your team. The web application is easy to use, highly interactive and visual and gives your team a head start to design and implement great business models. DESIGN…


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  • Usetrace

    Usetrace is a test automation tool from the cloud. Traces are user paths that go through your application using real browsers. For example logging in or buying a product from a web store. The same traces monitor production continuously and replaces …

    Windows Web-Based

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  • CrazySpaceCat.com

    CrazySpaceCat is a new and easy way to find the best digital tools for your project. Discover new tools, save money and time, improve your results! It's meant for everyday internet users and for niche experts as well.

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  • KanBo

    KanBo is a productivity software for business customers based on lean principals. Its highly visual user interface gives its users instant access to everything they need to get their work done. KanBo combines flexible project and process management …

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  • proofHQ

    ProofHQ's 100% web-based proofing solution streamlines review and approval of time-critical design work. Getting work signed off has never been as easy!


  • HelpScribble

    HelpScribble is a full-featured help authoring tool for easily creating professional Windows help files from start to finish.


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  • Standuply

    Standuply runs automated standup and retrospective meetings in Slack. Main features: 1. Run automated standup and retrospective meetings;2. Share meeting notes and collect ideas;3. Track team’s goals and progress;4. Run polls (upcoming feature);5. T…

    Slack Chrome Web-Based

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  • WScore

    WScore creates useful insights on the website's health in just minutes. You can get great overview about how your site is performing. We also check periodically your website and keep you updated on any change. We built WScore for Developers, Ma…

    Software as a Service (SaaS)

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  • Breue

    Build and launch your product in 4 weeks. Breue is your digital launch partner. We turn a good idea into a beautiful full-functioning product for $9K and in 4 weeks. So you can go validate your idea, raise money, and take over the world.

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