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Type stuff, come back to it whenever, it's still there

Notepad++ is a free text editor that supports color-coded syntax highlighting for different programming languages, auto-completion, the ability to open different tabs with different files at the same time, and support for plugins to extend functiona…

Sublime Text
Free Trial One Time License

Sublime Text is a powerful text editor tailored for programmers, boasting robust syntax highlighting for numerous languages, seamless code completion, and multicursor functionality. Its integrated Git support streamlines version control, while exten…

Microsoft Word
Free Trial Subscription

Cloud-based word processor enabling users to craft professional documents across different devices. Facilitates real-time collaboration among administrators, offering multi-language document translation and 3D model insertion.

Visual Studio Code is a versatile code editor tailored for modern web and cloud app development. It's free, cross-platform, and boasts a rich ecosystem of extensions.

Free Open Source

Brackets is a cutting-edge, open-source code editor tailored for web design. It seamlessly integrates visual tools for efficient CSS, HTML, and Javascript coding. With frequent updates and extensions, Brackets enhances productivity, offering a Quick…

UltraEdit is a versatile text editor with support for numerous programming languages, hex editing, and seamless integration with FTP and SSH, it's a powerhouse for developers. Enjoy color-coded syntax, large file handling, and unparalleled customiza…

jEdit is a mature programmer's text editor with a large collection of plugins

Free Trial Subscription

Unify your team's efforts with AI-enhanced knowledge access, nested folders, and Slack integration, making collaboration simple and efficient.

Free Free Trial Subscription

Webflow enables code-like design without manual coding. Utilize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript visually, get clean, developer-friendly code. Create professional, no-code websites effortlessly.

Oxygen XML Editor
Free Trial One Time License

Oxygen XML Editor is a tool for visual editing of XML documents, displaying both XML tree and text formats. It provides robust support for validating XML schemas and DTDs. Advanced search and replace features simplify document editing.

Yii Framework
Free Open Source

Yii is a high-performance component-based PHP framework best for Web 2.0 development.

Integrated GUI/CLI client for git. Supported platforms: Windows.

A minimalist writing zone, where you can block out all distractions and get to what's important.

MacVim is a port of the text editor Vim to Mac OS X.

Free Open Source

The fastest math typesetting library for the web.

JOE is a full featured terminal-based screen editor which is distributed under the GNU General...

Merge is an online merge and diff tool that allows you to share and save your documents.

Peppermint is a tweakable Swiss Army knife for Coding on your Mac.Features

A text editor forked from Pluma and Gedit. Xed is the default text editor of Linux Mint.

The Projucer is a comprehensive project management and code editing tool with a revolutionary C++...

NoteTab is packed with time-saving productivity tools that no other text or HTML editor has.

TopStyle contains powerful tools for building standards-compliant web sites.

A tool to format C/C++/Java/JavaScript/Objective-C/Protobuf code.

Free Open Source

bpython is a fancy interface to the Python interpreter for Unix-like operating systems (I hear it...

Full screen text editor distraction free writing enviroment.

A minimalist multi-platform text editor

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