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API Generation Software

  • SMTP

    SMTP provides scalable affordable email infrastructure for all your sending needs. We act as your proxy to the ISP world so your traffic becomes part of our larger, “trusted” traffic flow. This allows for a higher rate of successful email delivery w…


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  • eZ Server Monitor

    A lightweight and simple dashboard monitor for Linux available in Web and Bash application. In its Web version, eZ Server Monitor is a PHP script which provides a web page containing information such as the operating system, the number of users conn…

    Self-Hosted Linux

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    Highly-accurate ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK is available for everyone in a cloud through web API. OCR, ICR, barcode recognition, business card recognition, handprinted text recognition and many more!


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  • ZeroID

    ZeroID - An authentication provider for the distributed network zeroNet remotely: https://bit.no.com:43110/Zeroid.bit locally: (requires download https://zeronet.io ) Source code: https://github.com/HelloZeroNet/Ze…

    JSON JavaScript Python Linux Mac Windows

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  • APIbond

    APIBond is a service that acts as a proxy where you can configure an existing API. One problem with the existing APIs in the market is the lack of customization. Eg. Twitter API calls returns the same response to everyone. Developers, API evangelist…


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  • Pixel Vision 8

    Pixel Vision 8 is a platform that standardizes 8-bit fantasy console limitations built on top of an open source C# SDK. Developers can customize these restrictions to match actual legacy hardware or create something new. It is ideal for game jams, p…


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  • Kueri.me

    Kueri.me deals with altering end-users experience when exploring data through the use of a Natural Language approach. Our main product is a simple to use developer's kit for installing a smart search-box that converts Natural Language questions…


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  • Postkit

    Postkit allows developers to quickly prototype API endpoints to use in their applications and websites. It’s great if you just need some JSON endpoints for your web app or to capture inputs from an HTML form.


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  • Rational ClearCase

    IBM® Rational® ClearCase® offers complete software configuration management An industry-leading solution that provides sophisticated version control, workspace management, parallel development support and build auditing to improve productivity. Ligh…

    Linux Windows

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  • Gauge

    Create readable and maintainable testsGauge tests are in Markdown which makes writing and maintaining tests easier. Reuse specifications and robust refactoring to reduce duplication. Less code and readable specifications means less time spent on mai…

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