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API Management Tools

  • Alluc

    Alluc is a free search engine for streaming links. It searches the net and collects data for video hosting links, making them available and viewable through its own search. FEATURES API for developersEmedable widget for websitesTends and latest sear…


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  • Cometchat

    CometChat is a Facebook style footer chat written in PHP and mySql for your website which enables your users to interact and chat with each other in real-time.

    iPad iPhone Web-Based Android

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  • Parse Server

    Parse Server is a Parse API compatible router package for Node.js/Express.js. The open source Parse Server makes it possible to serve the Parse API from any infrastructure that can host Node.js applications. Parse Server provides a way for you to ke…

    expressJS Node.JS Self-Hosted

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  • eZ Server Monitor

    A lightweight and simple dashboard monitor for Linux available in Web and Bash application. In its Web version, eZ Server Monitor is a PHP script which provides a web page containing information such as the operating system, the number of users conn…

    Self-Hosted Linux

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  • Enkompass

    Enkompass is a control panel solution for website owners, resellers, system administrators, and offers a full-featured API for developers. Enkompass offers a web hosting control panel system for Microsoft Windows® Server-based hosts. With central ma…

    Self-Hosted Windows Web-Based

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  • alloyui

    AlloyUI is a framework built on top of YUI3 (JavaScript) that uses Bootstrap (HTML/CSS) to provide a simple API for building high scalable applications.

    JavaScript Web-Based

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  • CloudRail

    CloudRail API Integration Solution: Save Weeks of Development Time. Unified APIs:Tired of learning different APIs and dealing with bad API documentation? CloudRail gives you a unified API for multiple Web-APIs. So, for instance, the function upload(…

    Apple Swift Objective-C Android SDK Java Mobile Java Node.JS Self-Hosted Android Tablet Linux Mac iPad iPhone Windows Web-Based Android

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  • APIbond

    APIBond is a service that acts as a proxy where you can configure an existing API. One problem with the existing APIs in the market is the lack of customization. Eg. Twitter API calls returns the same response to everyone. Developers, API evangelist…


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  • TinyIB

    Lightweight PHP image board with MySQL, SQLite, or flat file database support. Very easy to install and use.

    Linux Mac Windows

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  • Travel Time Search API

    TravelTime platform is an API that analyses location data by minutes, rather than miles. The API can create travel time maps, sort location search results by travel time and generate full end-to-end routing information. Travel cost and CO2 calculati…

    tvOS Chrome OS Linux Mac iPad iPhone Windows Web-Based

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  • BinaryOps.io

    BinaryOps.io is a REST API platform that reduces development time with an instant-on, scalable API infrastructure. Our intuitive user interface and expert support make it easy for developers to define, manage and secure a data API for any applicatio…

    Linux Mac iPhone Windows Web-Based Android

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  • Deviare API Hook

    Deviare is a professional open source hooking engine for instrumenting arbitrary Win32 functions, COM objects, and functions which symbols are located in program databases (PDBs). It can intercept unmanaged code in 32-bit and 64-bit applications. It…


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    The Tcl Windows API (TWAPI) extension provides Tcl bindings to the Windows API. It provides, among other things, the functionality required to simulate mouse clicks, key presses, etc. for the purpose of automation. ---- The extension provides access…


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  • iOctocat

    GitHub in your pocket: The best way to stay up to date with what's up in your projects and catch up with the open source ecosystem.

    iPad iPhone

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  • Alternative PHP Cache

    The APC (Alternative PHP Cache) is an Open Source opcode cache extension to the PHP programming language server daemon. It caches PHP requests and speeds up serving them to clients.

    Linux Web-Based

  • Usetrace

    Usetrace is a test automation tool from the cloud. Traces are user paths that go through your application using real browsers. For example logging in or buying a product from a web store. The same traces monitor production continuously and replaces …

    Windows Web-Based

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  • Beyond

    Beyond Studio is a complete SAAS tool to simplify code generation and accelerate the conception of API and Backoffice.. Our online studio gives all tools to accelerate project development in any framework like framework like #AngularJS #ExpressJS #N…


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  • 3Scale

    3scale provides an out of the box cloud API management platform and infrastructure for developers, and companies to securely open, control, manage, operate and monetize their API to third parties (e.g. developers, business partners, etc.). 3scale AP…


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  • SEPIA Framework

    SEPIA is a personal, digital voice assistant similar to Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa or Microsoft's Cortana, just a very special, private, customizable version that really belongs to you! In fact SEPIA is not only a ready-to-use, cros…

    Chrome OS Linux Mac iPhone Windows Android

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