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Slack is the hub for seamless collaboration, offering real-time messaging, file sharing, and integration with apps. Get work done efficiently from anywhere.

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HireLogic: AI-powered talent platform streamlining staffing, recruiting, and HR processes. Automate interview analysis for valuable insights by integrating HireLogic AI into video, phone, or in-person interviews. Scale for any organization size. Cre…

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HackerEarth serves as an all-encompassing developer evaluation platform that connects developers and organizations. It provides a platform for developers to practice, compete, and build their skills alongside a vibrant community. For businesses, Hac…

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VidCruiter is a video recruiting platform designed to streamline and enhance your hiring process. It offers features such as pre-recorded and live video interviews, automated interview scheduling, and structured interviewing. By leveraging smart aut…

Breezy HR
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Elevate your hiring process with Breezy HR, a cutting-edge Applicant Tracking System. Streamline recruitment, attract top talent, and secure quality hires efficiently.

Ceipal ATS
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Ceipal's ATS and Recruitment Management Systems offer a unified talent ecosystem with AI-driven automation. Features include candidate categorization by skills, location, and pay range. Enjoy job requisition, posting, candidate matching, and advance…


CleverConnect is a cloud-based talent acquisition platform that simplifies the recruitment process by enabling you to attract, engage, and manage top talent effectively. It allows you to create and nurture talent pools, provide personalized opportun…

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Hireflix is a one-way video interview software that enhances your hiring process by eliminating the need for scheduling and accelerating candidate evaluation. Create digital interviews once and invite numerous candidates to record their responses at…

Glider AI
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Glider AI is a comprehensive skills assessment and interview platform that helps you discover, validate, and develop candidate and employee skills. Utilize AI-based automation, proctoring for integrity, and DE&I for fairness to pre-qualify candidate…

HackerRank is a developer skills platform designed to improve and streamline your hiring process. It offers online coding tests and technical interviews to objectively evaluate candidates' abilities, going beyond the information provided in resumes.…


Jobvite is a comprehensive talent acquisition suite that simplifies complex hiring processes for enterprises. It enhances candidate experiences, increases recruitment capacity, and delivers consistent hiring results. The platform integrates with you…
Free Subscription is an online platform for recording audio and video interviews, that allows you to create high-quality recordings in real time and store them directly in the cloud. The platform is designed for conducting interviews, podcasts, and other…


Greenhouse is an all-in-one cloud-based recruitment software that offers more than just an applicant tracking system. Designed specifically for HR departments, recruiters and hiring teams, it streamlines hiring processes by organizing job applicatio…

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Xobin is a candidate assessment tool that streamlines pre-employment screening, workforce learning, and development. It offers skill assessments, psychometric tests, and video interviews, while also providing solutions for campus, tech, and secure o…

Spark Hire

Spark Hire simplifies interviews with user-friendly video software. Employers customize questions; candidates respond with recorded videos, ideal for remote or distributed teams. It simplifies initial candidate screening, streamlining the hiring pro…


Jobma is a virtual hiring platform that utilizes video interviews, assessments, and AI technology to improve and expedite the recruitment process for enterprises. It assists in making informed hiring decisions and provides a modern and efficient exp…

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Recruitee: modern candidate tracking and collaborative recruiting software. Improved customer assistance, a superior UI, and simple customization.

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BambooHR: A comprehensive HR management solution that simplifies HR processes from employee management, hiring, onboarding, time tracking, to reporting and mobile access. Custom workflows, employee self-service, electronic signatures, performance ma…

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Workable goes beyond traditional applicant tracking systems, offering powerful talent acquisition software. Streamline your hiring process, from finding candidates to onboarding the perfect fit for every role.

Remote Interview is an online tool for tech recruiters to hire best programmers and coders by...

Shrtct enables quick video creation for presentations, interviews, and contests. Make concise videos effortlessly from your browser or phone, perfect for tutorials and surveys.

CDN77 is a Content Delivery Network using the latest technologies with more than 12.

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