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Pre-employment Testing Software


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HireLogic: AI-powered talent platform streamlining staffing, recruiting, and HR processes. Automate interview analysis for valuable insights by integrating HireLogic AI into video, phone, or in-person interviews. Scale for any organization size. Cre…

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Enhances productivity, retention, and profitability by streamlining labor forecasting, optimizing schedule management, and boosting employee engagement. For businesses seeking to optimize their frontline workforce.

Great Recruiters
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Cloud-based platform transforming real-time candidate reviews into actionable insights on recruiter performance. Analyze scores and rankings to drive better performance and enhance the candidate experience.

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HackerEarth serves as an all-encompassing developer evaluation platform that connects developers and organizations. It provides a platform for developers to practice, compete, and build their skills alongside a vibrant community. For businesses, Hac…

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Comprehensive hiring platform tailored to your business needs, job levels, and locations. Data privacy compliance for secure information management.

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Xobin is a candidate assessment tool that streamlines pre-employment screening, workforce learning, and development. It offers skill assessments, psychometric tests, and video interviews, while also providing solutions for campus, tech, and secure o…

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Video interviewing platform that streamlines candidate screening for companies. Candidates can record interviews via a browser-based app, with no downloads required.

HackerRank is a developer skills platform designed to improve and streamline your hiring process. It offers online coding tests and technical interviews to objectively evaluate candidates' abilities, going beyond the information provided in resumes.…

Glider AI
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Glider AI is a comprehensive skills assessment and interview platform that helps you discover, validate, and develop candidate and employee skills. Utilize AI-based automation, proctoring for integrity, and DE&I for fairness to pre-qualify candidate…

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Staffing and recruiting software. Automated data capture and insight technology helps agencies engage candidates and clients.

Unique peer-reviewed code challenges for deep insight into candidate's technical skills and...

Recruit CRM
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CRM system for recruitment firms. Manage candidates, clients, emails, calls, and job postings while automating hiring with AI features. Kanban view for workflow management.

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