Note Taking Software

  • Notion

    With so many tools, it's hard to keep everyone on the same page. Notion is a new tool that unifies them all. It's like Google Docs, but everything is organized and discoverable by your team. Real collaboration in real-time. Tired of your c…

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  • airSlate

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  • Slite

    Slite is where modern teams write & collaborate. It's their company wiki, meeting notes and docs in one simple place, across devices. Key features include- Channels to organize your notes- Nested folders within channels - Powerful search- R…

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  • Soon


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  • Hiver

    Hiver is a Gmail extension that lets teams manage Shared Inboxes like Support@ or Sales@ right from their from Gmail inbox. With Hiver, teams will be able to efficiently access, delegate and track Shared Inbox emails. Hiver will not get in the way o…

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  • Transpose

    Transpose is a smart workspace that helps people organize their data that might otherwise be stored in a spreadsheet, or an unstructured data-storage app like Word or Evernote. By putting it in Transpose, you can give structure and definition to you…

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  • ClickUp

    ClickUp is an all-in-one project management platform that eliminates the need of using more than one tool for your organization’s workflow. ClickUp’s core purpose is to remove the frustrations, inefficiencies, and disconnect caused by the current pr…

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  • Spike

    Spike is the world’s first Conversational email app. We’re upgrading the way you work, saving you and your team time, sanity, and a lot of headaches.Our goal is simple: bring all of your communication -- your emails, chats, calls, team collaboration…

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  • Scarlet Notes

    Scarlet (previously Material Notes) offers a simple no hassle interface for adding notes in a beautiful material design. ? Offline by Default: Don't like companies storing your data, no problem this note app can be used offline.? Optional Cloud…

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  • Ghostnote

    Ghostnote adds contextual notes to almost anything on your mac. Add notes & todos to folders, applications, open documents, even websites. Think about it as post-it-notes for your OS. Not everything is a precious quote, your grocery list or your…


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  • zNotes

    SourceForge presents the zNotes project. zNotes is an open source application. SourceForge provides the worlds largest selection of Open Source Software. Simple notes.When I migrated from XFCE, I could not find a program simular to xfce4-Notes-plugi…

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  • MindSky

    MindSky is a place for all your notes and ideas. It allows you to organize thoughts in a way nowhere else does. Highlight and share articles or ideas with others. It's designed to be simple. With MindSky you can also quickly publish your notes …

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  • Apimac Notepad

    Notepad for Mac let’s you organize any piece of text you may want to have at hand everyday. Designed from the ground up to support the latest Apple technologies, Notepad allows you to save, copy, paste and organize all your favorite snippets with ea…


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  • Notation

    Quick and easy notes in one place


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  • is a paste tool.You can store text or codes.

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  • Focused

    Focused offers a distraction-free writing experience with Markdown support and keyboard-focused design to help you relax, stay focused and get work down in the most efficient way possible. FEATURES - Clutter and distraction-free editing experience.-…


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  • Terminal Velocity

    Terminal Velocity is a fast, cross-platform (pip installable) note-taking application for the UNIX terminal, it’s a clone of the OS X app Notational Velocity that runs in a terminal and uses your $EDITOR.

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  • Easel

    Browser-based rapid web page prototyping tool with support for Bootstrap. WYSIWYG offers precise control over element properties. Export to HTML & CSS but no manual code editing (see Divshot for that). Shared comments on UI elements let the team…


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  • Mote

    Mote is a heavily enhanced fork of MapTool. It's list of features is staggering:- Game system agnostic- Powerful scripting language- IDE-like script editor- SQL databases- Audio player, playing audio via script- Powerful Vision System, which in…

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  • Clipdroid

    Clipboard management application. Supports clipboard history and text snippets. Supports url shortening. Function?clipboard history?history send to clipboard?text send to clipboard? url shorten Tested by?Xperia X10 OS1.6 Future?import &…


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