Alternatives to Gladys

  • Gettick

    Gettick is a team platform a platform where you can connect any web app (including your own) to create your team work environment where you can collaborate with your colleagues.

    Free Linux Mac Windows

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  • 5pm

    5pm is a web based project management application with a smart customizable interface. Email integration, iCalendar and RSS feeds, Timeline view and Reports are just a few features to mention. Free trial (no credit card required) is available.

    Commercial Web-Based

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  • ZenTao

    ZenTao is an open source project management tool which focuses on software development projects and supports Scrum. Combining product management, project management, QA management, document management, bug management and todo management. It is a pro…

    Freemium Open Source Self-Hosted Linux Windows Web-Based Android

    ZenTao icon
  • SquidHub

    SquidHub is a collaboration app for people who want clarity, simplicity, a bit of fun and a great way of working together. Click here to get started! With SquidHub you get access to the following in a single screen:- Create todos for the team- Chat …

    Freemium iPhone Web-Based Android

    SquidHub icon
  • winio

    Winio is a simple collaboration tool for everyone, where thousands of individuals - from freelancers to huge teams - unleash their potential, find time to collaborate, make ideas come to life and celebrate achievements together.

    Freemium Web-Based

    winio icon
  • Workteam Planner

    Workteam Planner provides teams with an incredibly visual way to collaborate together on projects. With just a few clicks you can create a new plan, build a team, assign tasks and keep everyone up-to-date with the progress of work. Using standard so…

    Freemium Web-Based

    Workteam Planner icon
  • Kefez

    Kefez - this is ease to use web software for managing projects, tasks and other daily activities via computer browser. It is built mainly for small and middle level companies and includes complete working environment for distributed team members. Us…

    Commercial Web-Based

    Kefez icon
  • TaskQue

    TaskQue will automatically assign tasks based on the resource workload, so they are never overwhelmed with too many tasks.

    Freemium iPhone Web-Based Android

    TaskQue icon
  • Ora

    Ora is an all-in-one realtime workspace for teams. It has everything your team might need to be productive. Task management, kanban, time tracking, chat, reports on projects and team productivity. It is powerful, yet simple and easy to use. Active-S…

    Freemium Linux Mac Windows Web-Based

    Ora icon
  • Seat

    Unify discussions, documents and lists in a simple team collaboration solution that let you do your best work.* Centralize your communication. Safeguard your productivity and focus by easily finding the right information when you need it. Keep dedic…

    Freemium Web-Based

    Seat icon
  • Projectplace

    With Projectplace you can start immediately, without any complicated installations or costs of implementation. Easily manage projects: Create cards and visualize your workflow, keep the goal and project steps on top of mind with the Gantt chart tool…

    Commercial Linux Mac iPad iPhone Windows Web-Based

    Projectplace icon
  • Trixi

    This is the World's simplest task management tool. You can create tasks, assign them, comment on them, set their priority and close them. But nothing else! The web-app works perfectly on mobile.

    Free Web-Based

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  • Microsoft Planner

    Microsoft Planner lets you easily bring together teams, tasks, documents, and conversations for better results.

    Commercial Windows

    Microsoft Planner icon
  • enban

    enban is Kanban Board App for personal use.

    Free Web-Based

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  • collabee

    Assign tasks, share files and feedbacks, and communicate with your team in just one page. With Collabee, you know your how far your project has progressed and how active your team is being involved. You can co-author and co-edit an issue, a collabor…

    Freemium Mac iPad iPhone Windows Android

    collabee icon
  • HelgApps

    Free business software. Easy and simple to use. Mobile friendly. Simple order management system and Business Collaboration Space that keeps track of your order. Advisory management tool without the setup that allows create, manage, edit, communicate…

    Free Web-Based

    HelgApps icon
  • TimeHero

    TimeHero is the first task management solution that automatically schedules your tasks around your calendar events. With TimeHero, you know when to "do" tasks, not just when they are due.

    Commercial Android Tablet Mac iPad iPhone Web-Based Android

    TimeHero icon
  • Cercle

    Cercle CRM is a collaboration tool that organizes your contacts or your tasks into visual boards. You can create People Board or Project Board. In People Board, you can track your deals, your clients, your marketing automation. You can also create P…

    Open Source Free Web-Based

    Cercle icon
  • Tarea is a Minimal to-do list and task project management for startups, small businesses and teams that don't want strict working methodologies or complex tools, just get things done. is an online to-do list and task manager for startu…

    Free Linux Mac iPhone Windows Web-Based Android

    Tarea icon