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We've compiled a list of 135 free and paid alternatives to Gladys. The primary competitors include TeamViewer, GitHub. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between Gladys and GitLab, Lucidchart, Coda. Also you can look at other similar options here: Office and Productivity Software.

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TeamViewer lets you establish a connection to any PC or server within just a few seconds.

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GitHub is a web-based Git repository hosting service.

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GitLab is a on-premise or hosted Git repository management tool.

Online diagram and flowchart software that supports Microsoft Visio import and can work on any...

A brilliant, all-in-one macOS web editor. Everything you need to write beautiful web code.

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Better reading and research with annotations, highlighter, sticky notes, archiving, bookmarking and...
Open Source Subscription Free Free Trial

Open Source, full featured project management platform for startups and agile developers &...

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DBeaver - Universal Database Manager and SQL Client.

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Freedcamp is an alternative to Basecamp that has some free features, while some basic functionality...

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Todo list, checklist and task manager app for Android, iPhone and Web

Online collaboration and innovation tools and project management.

Gladys Platforms

tick-square Linux
tick-square Web-Based

Gladys Video and Screenshots

Gladys Overview

The key solution to boost your productivity and innovation. Gladys simplifies all stages of innovation:
· Digital ideas boxes
· Calls for projects
· Insights
· Collaborative innovation
· Design thinking
· Ideation
· Communities management
· Social
· Digital workplace
· Cloud
· Online collaboration

Gladys Features

tick-square Version Control
tick-square To-Do List
tick-square Third Party Integrations
tick-square Resource Management
tick-square Recurring Tasks
tick-square Project Scheduling
tick-square Kanban Board
tick-square File Sharing
tick-square File Management
tick-square Drag & Drop
tick-square Data Import/Export
tick-square Dashboard
tick-square Brainstorming
tick-square @mentions
tick-square Color Codes/Icons
tick-square Bar Chart
tick-square Roadmapping
tick-square Scorecards
tick-square KPI Monitoring
tick-square Strategic Planning
tick-square Percent-Complete Tracking
tick-square Capacity Management
tick-square Risk Management
tick-square Progress Reports
tick-square Performance Management
tick-square Dashboard Creation
tick-square Visualization
tick-square Traditional Methodologies
tick-square Timeline Management
tick-square Task Tagging
tick-square Task Editing/Updating
tick-square Task Board View
tick-square Spreadsheet View
tick-square Reporting/Project Tracking
tick-square Project Planning/Scheduling
tick-square Project Planning
tick-square Portfolio Management
tick-square Milestone Tracking
tick-square Import Tasks
tick-square Idea Management
tick-square Create Subtasks
tick-square Discussions/Forums
tick-square Content Management
tick-square Communication Management
tick-square Templates
tick-square Budget Management
tick-square Single Sign On
tick-square Customizable Templates
tick-square Timesheet Management
tick-square Project Tracking
tick-square Online Time Tracking
tick-square Visual Analytics
tick-square Data Visualization
tick-square Change Management
tick-square Task Planning
tick-square Tagging
tick-square Real Time Updates
tick-square Real Time Notifications
tick-square Prioritization
tick-square Goal Setting/Tracking
tick-square Assignment Management
tick-square Task Progress Tracking
tick-square Project Workflow
tick-square Project Time Tracking
tick-square Project Templates
tick-square Planning Tools
tick-square Multiple Projects
tick-square Gantt/Timeline View
tick-square Customizable Fields
tick-square Collaboration Tools
tick-square Charting
tick-square Time Tracking
tick-square Status Tracking
tick-square Search/Filter
tick-square Progress Tracking
tick-square Monitoring
tick-square Document Management
tick-square Customizable Reports
tick-square Activity Dashboard
tick-square Time & Expense Tracking
tick-square Template Management
tick-square Reporting & Statistics
tick-square Real Time Reporting
tick-square Project Management
tick-square Document Storage
tick-square Contact Management
tick-square Calendar Management
tick-square Alerts/Notifications
tick-square Activity Tracking
tick-square Access Controls/Permissions
tick-square Reporting/Analytics
tick-square Video Conferencing
tick-square Client Portal
tick-square Task Scheduling
tick-square Dependency Tracking
tick-square Task Management

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Gladys Tags

project-portfolio ideation ideas-boxes design-thinking innovation-management digital-workplace innovation projects online-collaboration project-management file-sharing

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