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We've compiled a list of 74 free and paid alternatives to Acronis Cyber Protect. The primary competitors include 1Password, NordLayer. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between Acronis Cyber Protect and Duo Security, Druva Data Resiliency Cloud, Coro Cybersecurity. Also you can look at other similar options here: Cloud Security Software, Cloud Data Security Software.

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1Password is a password management software designed to securely store and organize passwords, providing users with a centralized solution for managing their credentials.


NordLayer is an enterprise VPN solution that provides secure access to corporate networks and resources from anywhere in the world. It offers advanced encryption protocols, dedicated IPs, access control, and multifactor authentication.

Duo Security
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Duo Security by Cisco is a user-centric zero-trust security platform employing two-factor authentication to safeguard access to sensitive data for all users, devices, and applications.

Druva Data Resiliency Cloud
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Druva Data Resiliency Cloud is a cutting-edge SaaS platform, delivering integrated cloud-based solutions for automated backup and recovery across diverse business domains.

Coro Cybersecurity
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Coro provides comprehensive protection that enables organizations to defend against malware, ransomware, phishing, bots, account takeover and malicious behavior on devices, for users and cloud applications.

Wiz stands as the premier unified cloud security platform, delivering comprehensive prevention, detection, and response capabilities. (SpinOne)
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All-in-one AI-powered SaaS data protection platform ensures robust security and seamless backup for G Suite, Microsoft 365, Salesforce data in the enterprise environment. Elevate your data protection strategy with advanced technology.

Veeam Data Platform
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VM backup application-item recovery and VM migration and file management for your virtual...

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Avanan enhances enterprise email security using advanced AI, protecting cloud collaboration suites like Gmail and Microsoft 365. Sophisticated threat detection and data protection seamlessly integrate with leading email platforms, defending against …

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Password Manager, Auto Form Filler, Random Password Generator & Secure Digital Wallet App

A comprehensive tool for protecting and managing data in information systems. It includes a variety of features, such as backup, antivirus protection, access control and other security tools. Acronis Cyber Protect is designed to protect against a variety of threats, including viruses, malware, denial-of-service attacks, and other cyber threats.

Acronis Cyber Protect Platforms

tick-square Linux
tick-square Mac
tick-square iPad
tick-square iPhone
tick-square Web-Based
tick-square Android
tick-square Windows

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Acronis Cyber Protect Overview

This tool will be useful for businesses and users looking for an integrated approach to cybersecurity and data management. Acronis Cyber Protect allows you to fully manage and secure your digital assets.

Acronis Cyber Protect Features

tick-square Web Threat Management
tick-square Virus Definition Update
tick-square Patch Management
tick-square Incident Management
tick-square Endpoint Protection
tick-square Endpoint Management
tick-square Anti Virus
tick-square Behavioral Analytics
tick-square Maintenance Scheduling
tick-square Vulnerability Scanning
tick-square Risk Assessment
tick-square Assessment Management
tick-square Threat Response
tick-square Whitelisting/Blacklisting
tick-square Behavior Tracking
tick-square AI/Machine Learning
tick-square Device Management
tick-square Policy Management
tick-square Real Time Data
tick-square Real Time Monitoring
tick-square Real Time Analytics
tick-square Data Security
tick-square Secure Data Storage
tick-square Real Time Notifications
tick-square Monitoring
tick-square Reporting & Statistics
tick-square Real Time Reporting
tick-square Compliance Management
tick-square Alerts/Notifications
tick-square Activity Tracking
tick-square Activity Monitoring

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