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Slack is the hub for seamless collaboration, offering real-time messaging, file sharing, and integration with apps. Get work done efficiently from anywhere.


Weve by The Go Game: A customizable virtual meeting & games platform designed for building company culture globally. Host events for 10-10,000 attendees, switch between work and play modes, and access hundreds of games. Create dynamic digital enviro…

Google Workspace
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Integrates Google's suite of productivity and collaboration tools into one accessible suite, enhancing team collaboration and efficiency. Access Google Docs on Chrome for Mac or PC, uninterrupted productivity even when offline.

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Online meetings with PowWowNow are a convenient way to conduct video conferences and communicate with colleagues or clients from anywhere in the world. With PowWowNow, you can easily organize and participate in online meetings, making communication …

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Remote collaboration hub for managing projects, goals, communications, and teams in one place. Featuring a customizable dashboard that streamlines workflows and prioritizes insights, reducing search time.

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Webinar platform designed for engagement and event excellence. Offers deeply branded experiences, a proactive customer success team, and security. Attendees can participate via Hubilo’s event app, available on iOS and Android.

Vidcast, from Cisco, is an asynchronous video tool for enterprises. It combines screen recording, face, and voice features for efficient communication and meeting enhancement.

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FigJam is designed to facilitate team collaboration and co-creation when discussing projects. FigJam allows users to create whiteboards, add pictures, text, shapes, and other elements to easily express their ideas and interact with others in real ti…

Zoho Meeting
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Web conferencing solution for business collaboration, managing from small meetings to large webinars. Browser-based, requiring no downloads app for attendees.

Webex Webinars
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Enterprise CPaaS platform that automates multi-channel customer journeys. It supports end-to-end automation via pre-integrated access to channels like SMS, WhatsApp, email, and more, along with flexible integrations with CRM.

Fellow App
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Fellow is a meeting management tool designed to streamline the entire meeting process. With advanced features like AI-generated meeting agendas and integrated transcription services, Fellow empowers managers to host highly effective meetings.

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CrankWheel is a screen sharing tool designed for video calls and online presentations. It facilitates real-time screen sharing during video calls, allowing users to share content online seamlessly.

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Avoma is designed to facilitate the process of conducting meetings and tracking their productivity. This intelligent assistant uses artificial intelligence to analyze meeting audio recordings, recognize key points, and automatically generate reports.

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LoopUp is a cloud telephony platform that streamlines communications for multinational enterprises. It consolidates global telephony provisions into a single, unified cloud solution, simplifying management and support while providing economies of sc…

GoTo Connect
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GoTo Connect is a cloud-based phone system and virtual meeting platform designed for seamless business communication. Elevate your operations with advanced features, including call management, video conferencing, real-time team chat, and customer se…

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Notta is an AI-powered transcription and note-taking tool that converts meetings, interviews, and other conversations into searchable, editable text. It offers real-time translation, bilingual audio file transcription, and a collaborative workspace …

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Spike offers a unified business communication solution, integrating team chat, email, video/audio meetings, AI tools, and collaborative documents. Enhance productivity and streamline interactions across internal teams and external partners, regardle…

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Restream is a virtual studio platform for creating professional live videos. It offers features such as easy guest invitations, quick setup, team collaboration, and the ability to turn pre-recorded videos into live streams. Restream also prioritizes…
Free Trial Subscription is a collaboration tool designed to simplify teamwork and enhance productivity. It enables users to share presentations, documents, and other content instantly, while facilitating continuous communication. By eliminating complex processes, j…

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Voximplant is a cloud-based communications platform for building voice and video applications that offers a set of APIs for developers. It allows you to integrate voice, video, and messaging into your web and mobile applications.

Nasdaq Boardvantage
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Nasdaq Boardvantage is an innovative corporate governance platform that streamlines meetings, communication, and decision-making.
Free Subscription leverages advanced generative AI to revolutionize your team's voice conversations. Transcribe, summarize, search, and analyze meetings effortlessly. Seamlessly integrate with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and more. Elevate …

Adobe Connect
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Cloud-based web conferencing solution for businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions. Offers customizable branding, team collaboration, reporting, and document sharing to organize meetings and training sessions.

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Project management tool for marketing and creative teams, integrating task management, collaboration, time tracking, Gantt charts, reporting, asset management, and approval workflows into a single platform.

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Multichannel cloud communication solution (calls, SMS, video calls, emails) designed to enhance customer experience and maximize sales. Integrate with over 80 business tools, including CRM and helpdesk, for streamlined operations.

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Customizable platform for webinars, virtual, and hybrid events. Integrate with marketing, sales, and learning stacks using BigMarker’s APIs, white-label services, and an all-in-one platform.

Whereby (
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A video communication platform that allows for video conferencing and online meetings. This service allows you to create virtual meeting rooms that users can join via a link.

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