Alternatives to ZEIT Now

  • Forward

    The easiest way to share localhost over the web.

    Commercial Linux Mac Windows

    Forward icon
  • beame-insta-ssl

    beame-insta-ssl is open-source and free to use! It makes it easy for any web developer to make use of encryption - and get secure communications. beame-insta-ssl will get you your very own fully-qualified domain name under the beame subdomain that l…

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows Web-Based

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  • Dataplicity

    Access your Raspberry Pi from any browser! Remotely access your Raspberry Pi Shell: Wherever you are in the world, securely access your Raspberry Pi from your web browser. Check device status: Quickly identify problems, check the status of all of yo…

    Freemium Android Tablet iPad iPhone Windows Android

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  • Yaler

    Yaler is a simple, open and scalable relay infrastructure for secure access to embedded systems. Yaler enables remote SSH access to Linux devices, browser access to local Web servers, smartphone as a remote for devices, tunnelling TCP-based protocol…

    Commercial Open Source Linux Mac Windows

    Yaler icon
  • LocalXpose

    Taking the advantage of innovative technologies from the cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer connection we decided to build LocalXpose.LocalXpose is a platform of distributed nodes around the world (countries that allow inbound connections) ready to ren…

    Freemium Open Source Free Linux Mac iPhone Windows Android

    LocalXpose icon

    Forward traffic sent to a generated address to any device through a secure tunnel, with no NAT / port forwarding configuration required.You can expose any service (HTTP or raw TCP) running behind a router or firewall to the internet with a simple co…

    Freemium BSD Linux Mac Windows Android icon
  • Openport

    Openport is an easy and secure reverse SSH.Forward any port, keep track of your machines, share files.Openport builds a tunnel from your machine to the outside world, so your friends can connect to your services or files directly. Don't worry about …

    Freemium Linux Mac Windows

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  • Raspberry Anywhere

    The software provides a simple way teamviewer-like to access your raspberry board anywhere you are via SSH or HTTP. Furthermore, you can use your usual SSH or WEB client; the system provides a dummy address to connect to your board via SSH or HTTP .

    Commercial Linux kernel Linux

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  • DigitalOcean

    Deploy, manage, and scale cloud applications faster and more efficiently on DigitalOcean. We make managing infrastructure easy for teams and businesses, whether you’re running one virtual machine or ten thousand.

    Commercial Linux Web-Based

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  • Cloudflare

    Cloudflare protects and accelerates any website online. Once your website is a part of the Cloudflare community, its web traffic is routed through Cloudflare's intelligent global network. Cloudflare will automatically optimize the delivery of your w…

    Freemium Web-Based

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  • Heroku

    Heroku is a cloud application platform for Ruby, Rails, Node.js, Java, Python, Scala and Clojure web apps. Everything you need to build, run, and scale: Dynos: Run virtually any language at any scale. Database: Enterprise-grade Postgres as a service…

    Freemium Linux Mac Windows Web-Based

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  • Linode

    Whether you’re just getting started or deploying a complex system, launching a Linode cloud server has never been easier. We offer the fastest hardware and network in the industry with scalable environments. Our 24x7 customer support team is always …

    Commercial Linux Web-Based

    Linode icon
  • Serveo

    Use it like ssh -R 80:localhost:8888 When you establish an SSH connection to, a subdomain will be assigned to forward HTTP (and HTTPS) traffic to your local server. Basic usage looks like this: ssh -R 80:localhost:8888 serveo.…

    Free Linux Mac Windows Android

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  • Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure and SQL Azure enable you to build, host and scale applications in Microsoft datacenters.

    Commercial Android Tablet Web-Based Android

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  • Scaleway

    Manage Your Infrastructure at Scale. Build your cloud infrastructure in seconds. Multiple DatacentersMaximize your services reliability by running your infrastructure through autonomous facilities that are spread accross multiple geographic regions.…

    Commercial Linux Web-Based

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  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers. Amazon EC2’s simple web service interface allows you to obtain and co…

    Commercial Linux Windows Web-Based

    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud icon
  • Amazon Web Services

    In 2006, Amazon Web Services LLC (“AWS”), an company, officially began offering developer customers access to in-the-cloud infrastructure services based on Amazon's own back-end technology platform. Today, AWS is a comprehensive cloud ser…

    Commercial Web-Based

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  • ngrok

    ngrok exposes local servers behind NATs and firewalls to the public internet over secure tunnels.

    Free with limited functionality FreeBSD BSD Linux Mac Windows

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  • Pagekite

    Bring your localhost servers on-line.PageKite is software that gives your localhost servers names and makes them globally visible. It works with any computer and any Internet connection.It's so easy you'll never want to think about routers, IP addre…

    Freemium Open Source BSD Linux Mac Windows Android

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    Expose your local PC to Internet from behind firewall and without real IP address

    Freemium Linux Mac Windows icon