Alternatives to Window Ruler

  • ScreenRuler

    ScreenRuler lets you measure objects on your Ubuntu desktop using six different metrics. FEATURES * Horizontal and vertical measurement in 6 different metrics: pixels, centimeters, inches, picas, points, and as a percentage of the ruler’s length.* C…

    Open Source Free Linux

    ScreenRuler icon
  • KRuler

    KRuler is an on-screen ruler for measuring pixels. Position the 0 at your starting point and measure the precise pixel distance between the starting point and your cursor.

    Open Source Free Linux

    KRuler icon
  • JR Screen Ruler Pro

    JR Screen Ruler Pro (aka JRuler Pro) is a great tool to accurately measure anything on your screen. This is especially useful when measuring graphics, web page browser sizes or whatever. Screen Ruler can display Pixels, Inches, Picas or Centimeters.…

    Commercial Windows

    JR Screen Ruler Pro icon
  • Screen Ruler Professional

    Screen Ruler: Measure anything on your screen. Do you need a way to measure the distance between two points on your screen? To get the exact location and size of an element on a web page? To measure in pixels, centimeters, millimeters, points, inche…

    Commercial Mac Windows

    Screen Ruler Professional icon
  • Pixel Ruler

    Know the exact size and position of any element with this screen ruler. Pixel Ruler features horizontal and vertical orientation, dynamic mouse measurement tracking in pixels, cool design.

    Free Windows

    Pixel Ruler icon
  • Pixel Ruler for Android

    Essential tool for every Android, iOS and web developer. Measure the size of each element in your app directly on your Android or iOS device. No more screenshots to find out the size of button or margin. After downloading the app, you have 15 minute…

    Commercial Android Tablet iPad iPhone Android

    Pixel Ruler for Android icon
  • PixelStick

    PixelStick is a tool for measuring distances and angles on the screen. Excellent for designers or anyone who wants to measure a distance on their screen in any window or application.

    Commercial Mac

    PixelStick icon
  • ReadingRuler

    When you read a book, don´t you use your finger or a ruler to follow the line? ReadingRuler does the same thing on your desktop. ReadingRuler is a virtual plastic ruler to help you reading. What it does is just to guide your eyes. ReadingRuler can a…

    Free Windows

  • Ruler

    It's a screen ruler for Windows.

    Free Windows

    Ruler icon
  • MB-Ruler

    MB-Ruler helps you to measure distances and angles on the screen and distances on a map. The set square with integrated protractor is almost transparent, so you can have it on the screen, while you are working with the applications below. Additional…

    Freemium Windows Web-Based

  • Screen Calipers

    Measure anything on your computer screen with accuracy with the Screen Calipers. More accurate than a ruler and available for Windows and Mac. The Screen Calipers floats above any other application so you can measure anything on your screen: Web Des…

    Commercial Mac Windows

    Screen Calipers icon
  • Cubic Ruler

    Cubic Ruler is a simple screen ruler utility for Windows

    Free Windows

  • MezerTools

    MezerTools is a simple toolkit for UI designers & programmers to measure screen elements in pixels. It also lets you grab screenshots and more...

    Free Windows

    MezerTools icon
  • orangePixelMeter

    Measure the pixel size of anything on your screen with orangePixelMeter, a nice, free Windows software utility.

    Free Windows

    orangePixelMeter icon
  • Pixel Ruler 2.0.2

    Pixel Ruler is a handy, free Windows software to measure any object on your screen with a portable ruler.

    Free Windows

  • PixelRuler

    PixelRuler is a free only for private use software for measuring horizontal and vertical distances on the entire screen, and is ideal for web designers and graphic artists. It has additional functions like a adjustable zoom window and a color value …

    Free Personal Windows

    PixelRuler icon
  • PicPick

    PicPick is an all-in-one software for software developers, graphic designers and home user. It has an intuitive interface and simple, elegant operation. After starting the software, you simply select one of the tool from the PicPick Tools trayicon m…

    Free Personal Windows

    PicPick icon
  • Meazure

    What are the dimensions of that image? How big is this window? Does this layout fit on an NTSC display? What color are these pixels? What does this icon look like close up? How can I capture an arbitrary portion of the screen? These are just a few o…

    Open Source Free Windows

    Meazure icon
  • Bluegrams Screen Ruler

    Screen Ruler is a lightweight, but configurable ruler tool for Windows Desktop. It allows you to measure the size of elements on the screen in different units, including pixels, centimeters and inches. The ruler can be moved and resized precisely us…

    Open Source Free Windows

    Bluegrams Screen Ruler icon
  • Pixus

    Pixus is an AIR pixel ruler application, a handy tool for web and interface designers. It has a lot of features: 1) Measure the screen objects in pixels using both mouse and keyboard control. 2) Preview your design with skins and presets. 3) Multi-s…

    Open Source Free Mac Windows

    Pixus icon