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We've compiled a list of 5 free and paid alternatives to Transferer. The primary competitors include DIM: Digital Image Mover, Pixfer XP. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between Transferer and Downloader Pro, PhotoMove, photoimport. Also you can look at other similar options here: About.

Download from a single storage card to your PC, rename your files, and automatically organize them...

The photographers tool for automated transfer of images from card reader or camera to PC, renaming...

Automatically move photos to directories or folders based on exif date taken

Free Open Source

The PhotoImport tool is used to copy images from your digital camera onto your computer.

Helps simplify transfer of photos/images from your digital camera (or card reader) to your PC.

Transferer Overview

Transferer is not a highly intelligent program! It is designed to make the transfer of pictures from a digital camera / card reader nice and easy! Transferer will ONLY work if the card reader/digital camera creates a virtual drive on your PC when you plug it in (You may require the correct drivers for this, your camera/card manufacturer will provide these). For example when I plug my camera in I get a new drive letter "F:" (see screen shot below) and the photos are stored in the path DCIM\100KONIC, but I also have a "7 in 1" card reader, when I plug that in (with the correct drivers) I get 4 additional virtual drives (F/G/H/I), however I only use 2 of these (Sony Memory stick slot, and the Secure Digital slot) which for me are drives H/I. With my camera/card reader in place I can now teach Transferer where to look for pictures and where to put them on my hard drive. From now on all I have to do is run Transferer and select what I want to transfer, but it can be made even easier by using the "Auto popup" option and the ability to have it always running in the tool tray as well. When you first run Transferer you will see the screen below, however it will not have any folders to monitor, as you have obviously not set any up! Transferer does not load the jpgs and resave them, it does a bit for bit copy, so the operation is totally lossless.

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