Alternatives to Tau Analyzer

  • Spek

    Spek helps to analyse your audio files by showing their spectrogram. Spek is free software available for Unix, Windows and Mac OS X. Features:- Supports all popular lossy and lossless audio file formats thanks to the FFmpeg libraries.- Ultra-fast si…

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows

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  • Lossless Audio Checker

    Lossless Audio Checker is a utility to check whether a FLAC or WAVE file is truly lossless or not, by detecting cutoff frequencies. It can show you the full frequency range for each file. Nowadays, the process of audio mastering sometimes upconverts…

    Free Web-Based Linux Mac Windows

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  • auCDtect Task Manager

    auCDtect Task Manager is a free GUI tool that lets you check if your lossless audio files were upconverted from a "lossy" file format. How it works: auCDtect Task Manager uses external 3-rd party decoders to unpack the files being tested into tempor…

    Free Windows

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  • Audiochecker

    Audiochecker is a tiny and portable tool which analyzes the source of WAV, LPAC, SHN, APE and FLAC audio formats, in order to verify if the encoding is lossless. If not, it means that the files in question are converted from other formats with lower…

    Free Windows

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  • Spectro

    Spectro is a freeware audio file analyzer for windows. Currently capable of reading FLAC, APE, MP3 and WAV files. Spectro lets you view vital data about compressed audio files and creates a spectrogram of the wave data. This allows you to quickly an…

    Free Windows

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  • Spectrum

    Modeled after the spectrum effect in Ableton Live , Spectrum is a free and open-source web app that shows frequencies of an MP3 or OGG file in real-time. Simply drag and drop an audio file into the browser window and it visualizes it instantly.

    Open Source Free Web-Based GitHub

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