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We've compiled a list of 21 free and paid alternatives to Task List - Task Manager. The primary competitors include Todoist, Trello. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between Task List - Task Manager and Things, Habitica, OmniFocus. Also you can look at other similar options here: Home and Family Software.

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An effective task manager for managing assignments and to-do lists. It provides the ability to create, organize, and track tasks across multiple projects. Todoist allows users to set deadlines for tasks, attach files, collaborate on projects with ot…

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A highly customizable collaboration platform. Facilitates transparent, shareable teamwork across various projects and teams.

Open Source

Habitica is a free habit building and productivity app that treats your real life like a game.

OmniFocus is designed to quickly capture your thoughts and ideas to store, manage, and help you...

Todo list, checklist and task manager app for Android, iPhone and Web

2Do lets you take a completely different approach to managing your tasks.

Turn your Facebook (& other social media) News feed into a to-do-list.

Task List app for iPhone and iPad makes it easy to create, keep and manage your tasks, hobbies...

Task List - Task Manager Video and Screenshots

Task List - Task Manager Overview

Task List app for iPhone and iPad makes it easy to create, keep and manage your tasks, hobbies, routine, to-do lists, notes, events, reminders, business tasks, sport-lists, shopping lists and other information that can be presented in a form of a list.

Nested Tasks (Hierarchy)
The App has Groups > Projects > Tasks hierarchy.
Tasks always located inside a Project and Project belongs to a Group.
This will help you to organize and browse your tasks more efficient.

Events or Everyday Planner
On the Events screen user can create events on a particular date. Users can plan their day easily on this screen. Events can have planned time and user can run them and track how much time spent on each event on a particular date. User can set reminder for event that will fire with a silent or sound notification. On the Calendar screen users can browse and create new events for future dates.

Main Features *

• Create, edit, delete and manage your Tasks and Lists in one app
• The app has Group > Projects > Tasks > Events hierarchy. Tasks are located inside Projects. Projects are located inside Groups. The task can have multiple events.
• Create notes for Tasks and Events
• Set and Change priority for tasks, groups and projects (High, Low, No Priority)
• Set your tasks to completed state in one tap
• Set your events to active/inactive state in one tap
• Set planned time for your Tasks and Events
• Create reminders for Events (Notifications)
• Create Location for Tasks and browse it in one tap
• Create email, website, phone number for your Tasks
• Browse events in Calendar
• Move tasks, groups, projects up and down with a long tap
• Create tasks fast
• Content syncing between iPhone and iPad devices via CloudKit
• Switch between App Themes (Color Themes)

*Some of the listed key features of the app are only available after purchasing In-App Purchase.

Boost your Productivity, Manage your Tasks, simplify and streamline your life with the Task List App for iPhone and iPad.

Task List - Task Manager Features

tick-square Task Scheduling
tick-square Task Management

Task List - Task Manager Platforms

iPad iPhone

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