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We've compiled a list of 4 free and paid alternatives to SLStudio. The primary competitors include 3D Underworld, ReconstructMe. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between SLStudio and DAVID-laserscanner, DAVID-Shapefusion. Also you can look at other similar options here: About.

ReconstructMe employs breakthrough technology to capture 3D models in real time.

DAVID is a software for 3D laser scanning. All you need to build a 3D scanner is a PC, a camera (e.

DAVID-Shapefusion allows a convenient alignment and combination of 3D scans from different viewing...

SLStudio -- Open Source Real Time Structured Light.

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SLStudio Overview

SLStudio -- Real Time Structured Light

This software is designed to enable anyone to implement a custom 3D structured light scanner using a single camera and light projector. It is modular and has a focus on processing speed, enabling real-time structured light capture at 20 Hz and more. When using standard commercial projector and a webcam, the obtainable speed is lower due to the lack of hardware triggering.

When using the software in academic work, please consider citing the following publication.

Wilm et al., SLStudio: Open-Source Framework for Real-Time Structured Light, IPTA 2014 IEEE Xplore

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