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We've compiled a list of 18 free and paid alternatives to Setup.shl. The primary competitors include Buildr, Maven. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between Setup.shl and CMake, Gradle, MakeMe. Also you can look at other similar options here: About.

Free Open Source

Apache Buildr is a build system for Java-based applications, including support for Scala, Groovy...

Free Open Source

Apache Maven is a Java-based tool for build automation and project management (in software...

Free Open Source

CMake is a family of tools designed to build, test and package software.

Free Open Source

Gradle is build automation evolved.

Free Open Source

Building Software Made Simple

Free Open Source

Apache Ant is an Open Source Java-based build tool (for software development).

Free Open Source

SCons is an Open Source software construction tool—that is, a next-generation build tool.

Free Open Source

Rake is a software task management and build automation tool.

Buck is a build system developed and used by Facebook.

GNU Automake is a programming tool that produces portable makefiles for use by the make program...

A pure Bash build tool/library, useful to describe composable, expressive build processes.

Setup.shl Overview

setup - A simple Bash library for setting up a directory structure using Makefile-like definitions.

Setup.shl is intended to offer the same basic feature set as other make-like tools, within a Bash environment : you can define recipes to create files from their dependencies, and execute those recipes for all the files that aren't up to date, in order and in parallel when possible.

It is very minimal (the core functionality boils down to 3 main functions, and a dozen helpers), and aims to be as simple to learn as possible, while offering a wide extensibility, using Bash as its scripting language.

- really small footprint (<1000 LoC for the whole library), which means you can bundle the library as part of your build process
- reduced learning effort (10 minutes to get started), compared to other equally powerful tools
- portable on all Unixes that can run Bash (Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD, ...)
- Setup scripts can use all the power of Bash to define their own recipes and rules
- can watch source files for changes to implement continuous builds
- composable : build scripts can load other build scripts to transparently integrate their productions

- needs Bash > 4.0 to function correctly, which may require an update on some systems
- can be a bit slow to scan all the dependencies of a large build on a slow disk (it can scan up to 1000 files/s), although you can use state files to mitigate the problem somewhat, and continuous builds if all else fails
- very young tool, with few builtin rules and little standardization

Setup.shl Features

tick-square Parallel builds
tick-square Continuous builds

Setup.shl Platforms

Chrome OS Linux Mac

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