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We've compiled a list of 44 free and paid alternatives to Rename It. The primary competitors include Bulk Rename Utility, ReNamer. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between Rename It and Ant Renamer, Advanced Renamer, NameChanger. Also you can look at other similar options here: File Management Tools.

ReNamer is a very powerful and flexible file renaming tool, which offers all the standard renaming...

Ant Renamer
Free Open Source

Ant Renamer can rename large amounts of files and folders in few clicks.

NameChanger is designed for the sole purpose of renaming a list of files.

Free Open Source

pyRenamer is a batch renamer for GTK desktops.

Ken Rename is a multi-file rename utility. Features: - Filter files with wildcard

Flash Renamer

Digital camera owners, music lovers, and those who have lots of files theyd like to organize will...

Free Open Source

GPRename is a complete batch renamer for files and directories and is licensed under the terms of...

Rename It is an easy-to-use batch file* renaming tool that saves you time and energy.

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Rename It Overview

Notable Features:

• A simple to use interface makes renaming your files easy.
• Save your customized renaming schemes for future use.
• A handy preview window allows you to see the original file names as well as a live preview of the final file names.
• When renaming files, you can replace the original files, move the newly named files, or copy the newly named files.
• Drop files on the app icon in the dock to quickly add files to the renaming list.
• Use system services to quickly select files from the Finder to rename (You may need to log out and back in before this takes effect).
• Rename It remembers your settings and files from the previous session.
• QuickLook files right from the file list.

Renaming Schemes:

• Add Text: Allows you to add given text before or after the file's base name or extension.
• Add Date: Allows you to insert a chosen date, the current date, the file's date created, or the file's date modified into the file name.
• Change Case: Allows you to change a file's name to lowercase, uppercase, or title case.
• Insert Text: Allows you to insert given text at a given point in the file name.
• Remove Text: Allows you to remove a given number of characters from the beginning of the file name, the end of the file name, or within a range.
• Replace Text: Allows you to replace given text with other text.
• Make Sequential: Allows you to append a running count to the file's original name, or a new name.

Rename It Features

tick-square File Renaming
tick-square Batch rename files

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