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  • Random Pick

    Very often in our daily lives, we have daily decisions to be made. Sometimes we just want to randomly pick one among our options. Instead of flipping a coin for head and tail, this app provides another way to do that choice for you. It also support …

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    RandomPicker is a random winner generator for your giveaways, raffles, contests or sweepstakes. It generates a public record for each project so you can prove the unbiased drawing. Used by more than 300,000 organizers worldwide.

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  • Random Number Generator

    Randomly generate millions of integers or floating point numbers in the desired radix (base), format, and numeric range. Generated random numbers may match any one of the 17 built-in probability distributions. - Specify numeric range with lower and …

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  • Random-Required

    A random string generator that can take numbers, letters, symbols, Chinese characters and arbitrary input as source to generate random string or text based on custom settings.

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    TRENT (Trusted Random ENTropy), the trusted random number generator for contests and drawings. Can act as a free replacement for's Third-Party Draw Service.

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  • Randomlyst

    This free app helps you generate, share and save lists of random integer numbers.

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  • Leon's Random Generators

    Several random generators for creating songs, poems, band names, and comic strips

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  • The Hat

    Introducing The Hat Deluxe, a powerful Windows solution that offers a fun and easy way to automatically determine a random order from a list of any amount of names. You can even use it to pick individual names for raffle and sweepstakes winners or p…

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  • Faker

    Faker is a PHP library that generates fake data for you. Whether you need to bootstrap your database, create good-looking XML documents, fill-in your persistence to stress test it, or anonymize data taken from a production service, Faker is for you.

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  • Random Item Picker

    Randomly pick items and remove duplicates from large lists with thousands of entries. Different probabilities can be assigned to each item and items can be picked in groups or individually. There are many options and commands, including the ability …

    Commercial Windows

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  • errProof

    errProof offers a collection of web-based unique tools for any user

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  • Selector

    Need to select between a bunch of people? Selector will decide for you! Have everyone hold a finger on the device and the spinner will spin until it selects one person. Use it to pick who pays for dinner! Use it to decide who does the dishes! Use it…

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  • Random Numbers

    Random Numbers allows you to quickly and easily generate a random number in a given range!A random number generator has many uses, including, but not limited to:dice rollslotto pickscoin flipperrandom dates/times Random Numbers Pro has six separate …

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  • Wheel Decide

    Wheel Decide is a tool that can be used when you are split between a few choices and want to spin a wheel to decide which option to choose. This can be used for deciding where to go to lunch, what movie to watch, what to do for fun, etc… Unlike othe…

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  • HotBits

    HotBits is an Internet resource that brings genuine random numbers, generated by a process fundamentally governed by the inherent uncertainty in the quantum mechanical laws of nature, directly to your computer in a variety of forms. HotBits are gene…

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