Alternatives to Mudlet

  • Text Fiction

    With interactive fiction novels you're more than just a passive book reader, following the adventures of the hero. Instead, you become the hero! Explore the world, make decissions and ultimately decide on the outcome. IF stories are fun for hours, i…

    Open Source Free Android

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  • TinTin++

    TinTin++, aka tt++, is a free MUD client for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. The Windows port named WinTin++ (using the PuTTY derived mintty terminal) is available for those who do not use Cygwin (A Linux/Unix emulator for Windows) and runs on Windows…

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows

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  • CMUD

    Are you tired of the constant grind of the graphical MMO games? Tired of paying monthly subscription fees? Try playing one of the hundreds of free text-based adventure games on the Internet using CMUD: The fastest and most versatile MUD client from …

    Commercial Windows

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  • MUSHclient

    32-bit MUD/telnet client, supporting ANSI color, macros, triggers, scripting in LUA, built-in timers, MXP and MCCP support. MUSHclient is user friendly, and quite a powerful MU* client.

    Free Windows

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  • Axmud

    Axmud is a modern Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) client, written in Perl 5 / GTK 2, and known to run on Windows and Linux.

    Open Source Free Linux Windows

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  • BlowTorch

    BlowTorch is a basic telnet client that supports the following features that people find helpful for playing MUDs. MCCP CompressionANSI Color CodesAliasesTriggersTimersAs many custom buttons you can make! BlowTorch now supports Portrait mode as well…

    Free Android

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