Alternatives to MongoLime

  • Robo 3T

    Robo 3T (formerly Robomongo) is a shell-centric cross-platform MongoDB management tool. Unlike most other MongoDB admin UI tools, Robo 3T embeds the actual mongo shell in a tabbed interface with access to a shell command line as well as GUI interact…

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows

    Robo 3T icon
  • Studio 3T

    Studio 3T is a multi-platform in-place data browser and editor GUI for MongoDB.

    Commercial Linux Mac Windows

    Studio 3T icon
  • Mongoclient

    It can be difficult to find a MongoDB management utility that is suitable for your needs, especially if you are looking for a cross-platform product that is not terribly pricey and comes with a decent set of features.Mongoclient offers a solution, i…

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted Linux Mac Windows

    Mongoclient icon
  • PhpMoAdmin

    PHPMoAdmin is a MongoDB administration tool for PHP built on a stripped-down version of the Vork high-performance framework.

    Open Source Free PHP Web-Based

  • mongo-express

    Web-based MongoDB admin interface written with Node.js, Express and Bootstrap3Features Connect to multiple databases View/add/delete databases View/add/rename/delete collections View/add/update/delete documents Preview audio/video/image assets inlin…

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted

  • MongoHub

    MongoHub is a Mac application used to manage mongodb databases (locally or over the internet).Maybe the first desktop GUI tool for NoSQL. It lets you add and remove databases and collections, change fields and indexes, view and filter the content of…

    Open Source Free Mac

    MongoHub icon
  • UMongo

    UMongo, formerly JMongoBrowser, is a GUI app that can browse and administer a MongoDB cluster. Features include: connect to a single server, a replica set, or a MongoS instance DB ops: create, drop, authenticate, command, eval, … Collection ops: cre…

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows

    UMongo icon
  • Mongotron

    Mongotron is a new GUI for Mongo DB built using Electron and AngularJS.

    Open Source Free MongoDB npm AngularJS Electron / Atom Shell Linux Mac Windows

    Mongotron icon
  • NoSQLBooster for MongoDB

    NoSQLBooster for MongoDB (formerly MongoBooster) is a shell-centric cross-platform GUI tool for MongoDB v2.6-3.6 that allows update-in-place, integrates Lo-Dash and Moment.js, supports ES2017 syntax and offers true IntelliSense experience.

    Freemium Linux Mac Windows

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  • QueryAssist for MongoDB

    QueryAssist for MongoDB - professional GUI tool with smart code completion (IntelliSense), SQL query to MongoDB, advanced shell, themes and modern-looking GUI. Free version is available.

    Commercial MongoDB Mac Windows

    QueryAssist for MongoDB icon
  • Navicat for MongoDB

    Navicat for MongoDB gives you a highly effective GUI interface for MongoDB database management, administration and development. Connect to local/remote MongoDB servers and compatible with MongoDB Atlas. Navicat for MongoDB offers notable features fo…

    Commercial MongoDB Linux Mac Windows

    Navicat for MongoDB icon

    Generate a powerul admin interface for your MongoDB database

    Linux Mac Windows icon
  • Database Master

    Database Master is a modern, powerful, intuitive and easy to use MongoDB, Oracle, IBM DB2, IBM Informix, Ingres, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FireBird, SQLite, EffiProz client application with a consistent interface that simplifies managing, qu…

    Freemium Windows