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We've compiled a list of 3 free and paid alternatives to Lulaj 1. The primary competitors include Gnaural, Brainstate. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between Lulaj 1 and Sleep & Binaural Beats. Also you can look at other similar options here: Sport and Health Software.

Free Open Source

Gnaural is an open source programmable auditory binaural-beat generator, implementing the principle...

Lulaj 1 nonverbal is an app "you have to have" as it offers you support in your everyday...

Lulaj 1 Platforms

tick-square Android

Lulaj 1 Video and Screenshots

Lulaj 1 Overview

Lulaj 1 nonverbal is an app "you have to have" as it offers you support in your everyday life trough isochronic and binaural tracks! It lets you play selected sound waves and specific impulses to improve your brain activity in certain frequencies.

Sleep better and deeper, wake up in the morning fresh and relaxed, learn more easily, master your tests, have relaxed and confident appearances in public, better training results, combat ADHD or depression, relieve pain and much more with Lulaj 1.

- Binaural and isochronic tracks
- Tracks grouped in multiple life categories
- Playlists and favorites
- Easy to use

Lulaj 1 has tracks you can listen to while being fully awake, tracks for your body and mind each with details on how to use those and what are those meant for. Lulaj 1 is available for free on Google Play:

Lulaj 1 Features

tick-square Relaxation

Top Lulaj 1 Alternatives

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Sport and Health Software

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