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We've compiled a list of 6 free and paid alternatives to Brainstate. The primary competitors include Lulaj 1, Gnaural. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between Brainstate and BrainWave Generator, Sleep & Binaural Beats, SBaGen. Also you can look at other similar options here: Sport and Health Software.

Lulaj 1 nonverbal is an app "you have to have" as it offers you support in your everyday...

Free Open Source

Gnaural is an open source programmable auditory binaural-beat generator, implementing the principle...

BrainWave Generator is a brain wave stimulation software that generates tones with binaural beats.

Free Open Source

Released under the GNU GPL v2 (see the file

The app that helps you relax whenever you want

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Brainstate Overview

Brainstate is a mobile application available on iOS created to help with meditation, relaxation, sleep, and studying. Although originally created as a school project to help students reduce stress and anxiety, it is not limited to students. Binaural beats can be used by all ages. The ideal user is anyone and everyone.

Binaural beats are frequencies that are played in each ear that must be listened to with headphones in order to work. Each headphone plays a different frequency and you heard the difference between those two frequencies, created the "beat" sound. These frequencies imitate naturally occurring frequencies that happen in our brain every day and whichever frequency you listen to will give you the desired affect that the frequency is associated with.

Brainstate Features

tick-square Relaxation

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