Alternatives to Kiwi application monitor

  • nmon

    This systems administrator, tuner, benchmark tool gives you a huge amount of important performance information in one go. It can output the data in two ways

    Open Source Free Linux

    nmon icon
  • Prio - Process Priority Saver

    Prio is a utility for saving the priority of applications and interface enhancements for the standard windows task Manager.

    Free Personal Windows

    Prio - Process Priority Saver icon
  • Performance Monitor

    Performance Monitor is a small program that shows you the CPU, Memory, Disk and Network utilization under Windows NT platforms (2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, etc...).It's composed by four fully configurable small graphs and it can work in the tray area al…

    Free Personal Windows

    Performance Monitor icon
  • iPulse

    Monitor numerous OS X statistics including: CPU activity System load over time Network bandwidth and activity Memory activity and usage Battery & wireless signal strength Disk usage Current time and date Compact, clever & fully customizable …

    Commercial Mac

    iPulse icon
  • DBCTaskman

    A windows 8-like Task Manager for Windows 7 ,work in progress!

    Free Windows

    DBCTaskman icon
  • Yet Another (remote) Process Monitor

    Yet Another (remote) Process Monitor (YAPM) is a powerful application that allows to view and manage your running tasks, processes, threads, modules...etc. and your services on a local or on a remote machine. YAPM offers lots of features to manipula…

    Open Source Free Windows

    Yet Another (remote) Process Monitor icon
  • KillSwitch

    KillSwitch is an advanced system monitoring tool that is apart of Comodo Cleaning Essentials (CCE) it allows users to identify, monitor and stop potentially unsafe processes that are running on endpoint systems. Uniquely for a product of its type, K…

    Free Windows

    KillSwitch icon
  • LXTask

    LXTask is the standard task manager and system monitor of LXDE. It starts via Ctrl+Alt+Del and is extremely lightweight.

    Open Source Free Linux

    LXTask icon
  • Bill2's Process Manager

    Bill2's Process Manager is more than a task manager: Simple and intuitive Automated management of the priority and affinity of processes via rules you create! Viewing the use of your CPU and memory Detailed statistics of distribution processes Many …

    Free Windows

    Bill2's Process Manager icon
  • Daphne

    Daphne is a small (system tray) application for killing, controlling and debugging Windows' processes. It was born to kill a Windows process and became almost a task manager replacement. You can kill a process by dragging the mouse over the windows,…

    Open Source Free Windows

    Daphne icon
  • MATE System Monitor

    Features:• monitor process properties, control processes;• monitor computer CPU, memory, swap and network usage;• monitor disks and mounts for available and used space;• search for open files . It is part of MATE.

    Open Source Free GhostBSD OpenIndiana FreeBSD Linux

    MATE System Monitor icon
  • PrcView

    PrcView is a process viewer utility that displays detailed information about processes running under Windows. For each process it displays memory, threads and module usage. For each DLL it shows full path and version information. PrcView comes with …

    Free Windows

    PrcView icon
  • Free Extended Task Manager

    The Extended Task Manager provides additional Windows process management features and information about disk activity and network port usage.

    Free Windows

    Free Extended Task Manager icon
  • Chameleon Task Manager

    Chameleon Task Manager is Windows task manager that enables the complete control of processes running on a computer optimizing the performance of Windows. It also provides more detailed information about programs. Why use Windows Task Manager?Improv…

    Freemium Windows

    Chameleon Task Manager icon
  • SterJo Task Manager

    SterJo Task Manager is a FREE and advanced utility for process managing which allows you to get details on everything that’s running on your computer. The program is divided in several sections covering the main parts of each system. “Tasks” section…

    Free Windows

    SterJo Task Manager icon
  • ES Task Manager

    A manager for tasks on the Android platform. An excellent task manager & killer. It can also optimize memory, storage, & cache. It integrates well with ES File Explorer & users can easily switch between the two apps.

    Free Kindle Fire Android

    ES Task Manager icon
  • Security Process Explorer

    Security Process Explorer Give you detailed information about each and every process. Indicate whether a process is safe or not. Allow you to terminate process with a single click. Let you block any unwanted processes or malware. Simple and user-fri…

    Free Windows

    Security Process Explorer icon
  • Pserv

    pserv.cpl is a Windows Control Panel Applet that Allows you to -control all NT services and devices-uninstall applications-replace eventviewer-replace task manager -connect to remote machines

    Free Windows

    Pserv icon
  • Python System Monitor

    Python System Monitor (Psymon) is a cross-platform, task and performance monitor. Features: Global processes monitoring. System load history (cpu,memory,network and disks). Disks informations. Network connections. Detailed informations and cpu, memo…

    Open Source Free Linux Windows

    Python System Monitor icon
  • Security Task Manager

    Security Task Manager shows comprehensible information about programs and processes running on the computer. For each Windows process, it improves on Windows Task Manager, providing: unique security risk rating The security risk rating indicates the…

    Commercial Windows

    Security Task Manager icon