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  • openHAB

    openHAB is a Java-based open-source home automation platform that integrates and combines a vast range of different smart home systems and technologies into one single solution.On top of the unified abstraction layer all connected devices are availa…

    Open Source Free Kodi Self-Hosted iPad Android Tablet iPhone Android Web Linux Windows Mac

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  • ioBroker

    ioBroker is an integration platform for the Internet of Things, focused on Smart home, Building Automation, Smart Metering, Ambient Assisted Living, Process Automation, Visualization and Data Logging. It aims to be a possible replacement or extensio…

    Open Source Free Node.JS Self-Hosted iPad iPhone Android Web Linux Windows Mac

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  • Domoticz

    Domoticz is a home automation system that lets you monitor and configure various devices like lights, switches, various sensors/meters like temperature, rain, wind, UV, electricity, gas, water and much more. Notifications/alerts can be sent to any m…

    Free Linux Windows Mac

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  • Home

    With the new Home app, you can securely control all your Homekit accessories from your favorite iOS device. Have your iPhone turn off the lights. See who’s at the front door from your iPad. And even control things remotely with the help of Apple TV.…

    Commercial Apple Watch iPad iPhone

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  • Jeedom

    Jeedom is a complete home-automation software. With Jeedom, you can do many things, such as :- Manage the safety of goods and people,- Automate heating for better comfort and energy savings,- View and manage energy use to anticipate expenses and red…

    Free Personal Raspberry Pi Raspbian My Sensors Linux

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  • FHEM

    FHEM (TM) is a GPL'd perl server for house automation. It is used to automate some common tasks in the household like switching lamps / shutters / heating / etc. and to log events like temperature / humidity / power consumption.

    Open Source Free Linux Windows Mac

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  • SmartThings

    Create a smart home using your smartphone. Offering security, peace of mind, savings, and limitless possibilities, SmartThings lets you monitor and control your home from the palm of your hand. As featured in Wired, CNN, ABC News, and elsewhere, Sma…

    Free Windows Phone Android Tablet iPhone Android

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  • HomeGenie

    HomeGenie, Home Automaton Server in the Internet Of Things era Despite of what the name could suggest, HomeGenie it is not just for Home Automation. Yes, it is for sure automation for "home"... meant to be a friendly and fully customizable automatio…

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted Windows Phone Android Tablet Android Linux Windows Mac

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  • LinuxMCE

    Linux Based home automation software. Allows for management of media, security, telecommunications, networks, and other home systems.

    Open Source Free Linux

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    EVA ICS is a platform for automated control and monitoring systems development, for any needs, from home/office to industrial setups. It is completely free for non-commercial use as well as for commercial, on condition that enterprise integrates it …

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted Linux Mac

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  • domogik

    Domogik is a free (GPLv3) Home Automation solution. It allows you to: Controlling your lights, shutters, etc.Monitor your home (temperature, electricity, ...).Create scenarios to make your home more independently.Controlling your home with Voice.

    Open Source Free GitHub Self-Hosted Linux

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  • Homebridge

    homebridge - HomeKit support for the impatient Homebridge is a lightweight NodeJS server you can run on your home network that emulates the iOS HomeKit API. It supports Plugins, which are community-contributed modules that provide a basic bridge fro…

    Open Source Free Linux Windows Mac

  • Homify

    Homify - 🏡 Open-source home automation / smarthome platform running on PHP (Laravel). Homify is an open-source smart-home platform running on PHP using the Laravel framework. The entire application is built using a modular approach so support for ot…

    Open Source Free Raspberry Pi Web Linux Windows Mac

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  • HUEston

    A small GUI for accessing Philips HUE Lamps under any Windows environment.

    Open Source Free Windows

  • Nim Home Assistant (NimHA)

    Nim Home Assistant (NimHA) is a hub for combining multiple home automation devices and automating jobs. Nim Home Assistant is developed to run on a Raspberry Pi with a 7" touchscreen, mobile devices and on large screens. NimHA includes multiple modu…

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted Linux

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  • mediola IQONTROL

    mediola® IQONTROL is the ultimate and easy to use Smart Home App for consumers to control & automate their homes using our powerfull mediola® a.i.o. gateway which supports and unifies many brands and devices. IQONTROL let you control rf-devices …

    Commercial iPad Android Tablet iPhone Android Windows Mac

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  • DomotiGa

    DomotiGa is Open Source Home Automation Software from the Netherlands. It is written in Gambas Basic and runs on Linux. You can read all kinds of sensor values with it, let it detect motion and schedule lights at certain times by the use of several …

    Open Source Free Linux

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  • MisterHouse

    MisterHouse is an open source home automation program. It's fun, it's free, and it's entirely geeky. Written in Perl, it fires events based on time, web, socket, voice, and serial data. It currently runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2k/XP and on most Unix ba…

    Open Source Free Linux Windows Mac

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  • Freedomotic

    Freedomotic is an open source, flexible, secure Internet of Things (IoT) development framework, useful to build and manage modern smart spaces.

    Free Linux Windows Mac

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