Alternatives to Google Authenticator

  • Open Authenticator

    A SmartWatch 2 (Sony) compatible Fork of the original Google Authenticator. You can use it without a SmartWatch too, if you want a trusted open-source Authenticator. Formerly known as SmartWatch2 Authenticator free. Donate:…

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  • Hydro Raindrop

    Isn't it time for a public and decentralized blockchain in financial services? Hydro enables private financial systems to seamlessly leverage the public blockchain. Cloud applications throughout the financial services ecosystem can now benefit from …

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    UNLOQ is (probably) the only technology company able to provide companies with a Custom Branded Multi-factor Authentication solution that comes at a similar price as implementing an SMS-based second factor authentication solution. What our new Mobil…

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  • itsme

    itsme, my digital ID:which I can now use to log in safely, share ID information and confirm actions with my mobile phone. itsme is an extremely handy and completely safe way to verify your identity digitally. Log in to all your accounts with your un…

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  • Invantive Authenticator

    nvantive Authenticator is a two-step verification solution for use with TOTP-protected websites and products such as Exact Online. Made in Holland by a partner of Exact, awarded accountancy app partner of the year 2017. It supports TOTP according to…

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  • Gnome Authenticator

    As the name should already tell you, Authenticator is a desktop 2FA code generator for Linux desktops, like Ubuntu. Using it you can generate 2FA tokens for over 500 well-known providers, including Github, Gitlab, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Dropbox,…

    Open Source Free Linux

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  • Keepass2Android Offline

    Keepass2Android is an open source password manager application for Android. It reads and writes .kdbx-files, the database format used by the popular KeePass 2.x Password Safe for Windows and other desktop operating systems. The user interface is bas…

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  • Tofu Authenticator

    Tofu generates one-time passwords to help you protect your online accounts. These passwords are used together with your normal password when you sign into services like Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Amazon, and GitHub. Tofu works with all services that…

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  • FreeOTP+ (fork of FreeOTP)

    The free and open-sourced Authenticator replacement for 2FA in popular services. This is based on the original FreeOTP. It provides additional features:1. Back up the data to Google Drive or other storage2. Restore data from Google Drive or other st…


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  • Obsidian - Elegant OTP Authenticator

    Obsidian is your personal wallet for OTP tokens. Nowadays many services offer 2 Factor Authentication (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Github, Digital Ocean etc.) so it's good to have all your tokens stored securely in one place and available on all your …

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  • Qualys Cloud Platform

    Qualys, Inc., is the most widely-deployed information security and compliance cloud solution in the world with over 7,700 customers including a majority of the Forbes Global 100 and a majority of the Fortune 100. The Qualys Cloud Platform and integr…

    Commercial Web-Based

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  • py2fa

    py2fa - Two-Factor Authentication using Python and GTK

    Open Source Free Linux Windows

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  • CryptoPhoto

    CryptoPhoto implements 2-factor authentication using photographic images with bidirectional authentication during user logins. The photos and passcodes which are stored on end-user tokens are known only to the legitimate issuing organization. Becaus…

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  • Protectimus SMART OTP

    Free 2 factor authentication methods for mobile devices on Android and iOS. - Available for free.- Customized generation algorithm: HOTP or HOTP.- Customized ??? length: 6 or 8 characters.- Changeable interface language: Russian, English.- Multiple …

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  • QuickAuth

    Get your one time codes from your Pebble! Just add your keys using the configuration page and use two-step authentication without the Google Authenticator application on your smart phone. Tested with Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote, GitLab, and …

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  • SecKey

    SecKey provides one time passwords to be used with the two factor authentication of Dropbox, Google, Facebook, GitHub, Proton Mail and many more. It adds a second layer of security for your online accounts. This works by generating one-time password…

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  • HDE OTP Generator

    HDE OTP Generator is a virtual device application for multi-factor authentication (MFA), so-called two-step verification, which generates time-based one-time passwords (OTP) complying with RFC 6238 (TOTP: Time-Based One-Time Password Algorithm). HDE…

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  • Authomator

    With Authomator, you can quickly generate two-factor authentication codes for your favorite services that use two-step verification on your BlackBerry 10 device. Simply scan the QR codes provided by the service, or manually enter the generated code,…

    Freemium Blackberry 10

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  • Biomio Authenticator

    Biomio bridges the identity verification techniques and standards to provide authentication and access control platform to be used by the enterprise to solve challenges around logins and information rights management as required for compliance and g…

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  • SoundLogin Authenticator

    SoundLogin is a solution that simplifies two-factor authentication process. It relies on audio watermarking technology to transfer one-time passwords from mobile phone to desktop browser. It makes 2FA easy to use, and doesn't compromise security. So…

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