Alternatives to Dynalist

  • OmniOutliner

    OmniOutliner is a start-to-finish writing app. Perfect for collecting information, outlining Big Ideas, adding structure to any sort of writing, and much more. From grocery lists to email drafts to long-form composition. WriteOmniOutliner is feature…

    Commercial Mac iPad iPhone

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  • Notably

    Notably is a free markdown notes editor that allows you to very easily create and publish beautiful content.

    Free Web-Based

  • Nimbus Clipper

    Web Clipper that works! The easiest way to clip text, pics, links, email and pdf from internet pages and save them.Save and share any things you find on the Web: text, images, links, articles, pdf and upload them all to Nimbus account. Nimbus Clippe…

    Freemium Opera Firefox Android Tablet Chrome Android

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  • Tkoutline

    Tkoutline is a single pane, cross-platform outline editor written in Tcl/Tk . With this editor, information can be structured hierarchically in an outline and outlines can be hyperlinked together to create a web of outlines.

    Open Source Free Linux Windows

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  • Seat

    Unify discussions, documents and lists in a simple team collaboration solution that let you do your best work.* Centralize your communication. Safeguard your productivity and focus by easily finding the right information when you need it. Keep dedic…

    Freemium Web-Based

    Seat icon
  • Foldout

    A desktop application for Windows only. Foldout is a single-page outliner, meaning the text you enter is directly organized in a tree structure. This is opposed to a dual-pane outliner, which presents a tree, but you have to click on each node to se…

    Free .NET Framework Windows

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  • OutlineEdit

    A beautifully crafted outliner for your Mac: It helps you keep your ideas structured and collected. Use OutlineEdit as an empty canvas to sketch information - for learning, working and planning your projects. And highlight text on web pages using OE…

    Free Mac

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  • LifeHQ

    First complete Productivity and Achievement system. The LifeHQ workflow keeps you accountable, organized and productive. It is the all-in-one workspace that allows you to: 1. Keep Journals - Record and Review your days, notice positive and negative …

    Commercial Software as a Service (SaaS) Web-Based

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  • VSNotes

    Features - Access commands quickly from the VS Code command palette Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + p.- Set a base folder for your notes and all notes created will be saved in that folder.- Easily access latest notes with List Recent Notes command.- Retrieve not…

    Open Source Free Visual Studio Code Linux Mac Windows

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  • Scrapbox

    Online note taking app for a team, alternative to Evernote. - You can edit a note with team members at the same time like Google docs.- TeX math formulation- Image- Code block & syntax high lighting- External API- Send notifications to Slack- JS…

    Free Personal Web-Based

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  • MyInfo

    MyInfo is free form personal information manager. It helps you collect, organize, edit, store, and later find personal-reference information like documents, random notes, and project-support materials. It is a valuable tool for everyone who uses GTD…

    Commercial Windows

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  • Outspline

    Outspline is a free and open-source modular outliner whose functionality can be extended with addons. The most important addon is Organism, which adds advanced time management features and turns the application into a personal organizer, perfectly s…

    Open Source Free Python wxPython Linux

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  • Cloud Outliner

    Cross-platform app for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Sync outlines between computers and devices with iCloud. Sync outlines with Evernote, Import and export outlines in OPML format.

    Commercial Mac iPad iPhone Web-Based

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  • Fargo

    Fargo is a simple idea outliner, notepad, todo list, blogging tool, project organizer. It's an HTML 5 application, written in JavaScript, runs in any compatible browser, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft IE 10. Files are stored in Dropbox…

    Free Dropbox Web-Based

    Fargo icon
  • Outlinely

    Indispensable information organization tool for knowledge workers. Outlinely is the home for all your notes, thoughts, ideas and todos. It’s an elegant outliner and writing tool, with a robust document management system. Outlinely provides the best …

    Commercial Mac

    Outlinely icon
  • Writing Outliner

    Writing Outliner is an outliner that's seamlessly integrated with MS Word. The most important concept of Writing Outliner is project-based writing. A project in Writing Outliner is a long or complex text that you might work on for days, weeks, or ev…

    Commercial Microsoft Office Word Windows

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  • Visual Outliner

    Visual Outliner is an outliner software for Windows, and it uses OPML as the native file format.It's not just another tasklist/to do list application, but a real outliner editor that can be used to write, view, create, build, modify, reorder, and ma…

    Freemium Windows

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  • Natara Bonsai

    Natara Bonsai is a Palm OS and Windows Mobile outliner application with a Windows desktop client that also works as a full-featured standalone outliner and task manager. The Bonsai 5 Desktop Edition offers multiple views of a hierarchical outline: s…

    Commercial HP webOS Windows Mobile Windows

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  • TaskOnPaper

    TaskOnPaper is a powerful and at the same time an intuitive tool for creating to-do lists. Enter your plans and goals, group them into projects and edit them as easily as on paper. KEY FEATURES:* Next Generation of TaskPaper for iOS 7 and iOS 8* Ful…

    Commercial iPad iPhone

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  • Planz

    Bring it together: Capture, Connect, … Complete! Take control of the information in your life through one consolidated interface. Plan by typing your thoughts freehand. Link your thoughts to files, Web pages, and email messages. Organize everything …

    Open Source Free Windows

    Planz icon