Alternatives to Develve

  • Design-Expert

    Stat-Ease, Inc. welcomes you to version 10 of Design-Expert software (DX10) for design of experiments (DOE). Use this Windows®-based program to optimize your product or process. It provides many powerful statistical tools, such as: Two-level factori…

    Commercial Windows

    Design-Expert icon
  • DOE++

    ReliaSoft's Design of Experiments ( DOE ) software tool, DOE++, supports traditional Design of Experiment methodology and also expands upon the traditional DOE methods to support reliability-DOE, which provides the proper analysis treatment for inte…

    Commercial Windows

    DOE++ icon
  • Statgraphics Centurion XVII

    Statgraphics Centurion XVII is a powerful statistical software package for data analysis, visualization, statistical modeling and predictive analytics

    Commercial Windows

    Statgraphics Centurion XVII icon
  • SOSstat

    Statistics software for quality. Offers a set of industrial tools to improve product performance, manage processes and solve problems

    Commercial Linux Windows

    SOSstat icon
  • R (programming language)

    R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.It is a GNU project which is similar to the S language and environment which was developed at Bell Laboratories (formerly AT&T, now Lucent Technologies) by John Chambers and…

    Open Source Free BSD Linux Mac Windows

    R (programming language) icon
  • RStudio

    RStudio™ is an integrated development environment (IDE) for R. RStudio combines an intuitive user interface with powerful coding tools to help you get the most out of R. RStudio brings together everything you need to be productive with R in a single…

    Open Source Free Xfce Linux Mac Windows

    RStudio icon
  • PSPP

    PSPP is a free software application for analysis of sampled data. It has a graphical user interface and conventional command line interface. It is written in C, uses GNU Scientific Library for its mathematical routines, and plotutils for generating …

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows

    PSPP icon
  • JASP

    JASP, a low fat alternative to SPSS, a delicious alternative to R. Bayesian statistics made accessible.

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows

    JASP icon
  • RKWard

    RKWard is an easy to use, transparent frontend to the R programming language, a very powerful, yet hard-to-get-into scripting-language with a strong focus on statistic functions. RKWard tries to combine the power of the R-language with the ease of u…

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows

    RKWard icon
  • SOFA Statistics

    SOFA Statistics is an open-source statistical package, with an emphasis on ease of use, learn as you go, and beautiful output. The name stands for Statistics Open For All. It has a graphical user interface and can connect directly to MySQL, SQLite, …

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows

    SOFA Statistics icon
  • Minitab

    Minitab is a statistical software for analyzing data in Lean Six Sigma quality and process improvement projects, and in statistics education.

    Commercial Windows

    Minitab icon
  • Deducer

    Deducer is designed to be a free easy to use alternative to proprietary data analysis software such as SPSS, JMP, and Minitab. It has a menu system to do common data manipulation and analysis tasks, and an excel-like spreadsheet in which to view and…

    Open Source Free Xfce Linux Mac Windows

    Deducer icon
  • R AnalyticFlow

    R AnalyticFlow is a data analysis software that utilizes the R environment for statistical computing.In addition to intuitive user interface, it also provides advanced features for R experts. These features enable you to share the processes of data …

    Free Linux Mac Windows

    R AnalyticFlow icon
  • Dakota

    The Dakota toolkit provides a flexible and extensible interface between simulation codes and iterative analysis methods. Dakota contains algorithms for optimization with gradient and non gradient-based methods; uncertainty quantification with sampli…

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows

    Dakota icon
  • Chemoface

    A software for multivariate analysis was developed in order to provide a free computational tool with user-friendly graphical interface for researchers, professors and students with interest in chemometrics. Chemoface comprises modules that can solv…

    Free Windows

    Chemoface icon
  • Revolution R

    Revolution Analytics provide commercial support and software for the open source R - the world's most powerful statistics software.

    Commercial Linux Mac Windows

    Revolution R icon
  • The Unscrambler® X

    Leading multivariate statistical software with regression, classification, DoE and exploratory data analysis, widely used in industry, research and academia

    Commercial Windows

    The Unscrambler® X icon

    Statistics and DOE software for Mac and Windows. Interactive, visual statistical data analysis from SAS.

    Commercial Windows

    SAS JMP icon
  • PAST - PAlaeontological STatistics

    PAST is a free, easy-to-use data analysis package originally aimed at paleontology but now also popular in many other fields. It includes common statistical, plotting and modelling functions.It is is a very underrated program (e.g. Reduced Major Axi…

    Free Windows