Alternatives to Choosy

  • Browserosaurus

    Browserosaurus is an open-source (MIT license), Electron-based app for macOS. It works by setting itself as the default browser; any clicked links in non-browser apps are now sent to Browserosaurus where it’ll present you with a menu of all your ins…

    Open Source Free Mac

    Browserosaurus icon
  • Finicky

    Finicky is an OS X application that allows you to set up rules that decide which browser is opened for every link that would open the default browser. Open Facebook or Reddit in one browser, and Trello or LinkedIn in another. Or Spotify links in the…

    Open Source Free Mac

    Finicky icon
  • Browser Select

    BrowserSelect - Browser Select is a utility to dynamically select the browser you want instead of just having one default for all links.

    Open Source Free Windows

    Browser Select icon
  • Browser Chooser 2

    Browser Chooser 2 is a small tool acting as the default browser allowing you to choose what browser or other tool to open any given link in. It is a fork from the original Browser Chooser which as of 2013 appears unmaintained. It gives you the flexi…

    Open Source Free Windows

    Browser Chooser 2 icon
  • LinCastor Browser

    OPEN WITH ALTERNATIVE LinCastor can work with local files too. Sometimes you want to open a file with two different application depending on task you want to accomplish. For example you may want to view an image in the Preview but edit it using the …

    Freemium Mac

    LinCastor Browser icon
  • Browser Fairy

    One tool to rule them all Get virtually as many default web browsers as you want. With Browser Fairy you can you can even have individual default web browsers for every app and literally every web page. You always wanted to automatically open differ…

    Commercial Mac

    Browser Fairy icon
  • Buffet

    With Buffet you can choose the right browser for each link you click.

    Commercial Mac

    Buffet icon
  • BrowserTraySwitch

    BrowserTraySwitch is a super tiny little system tray utility (only 90k) to help you quickly change your default browser.

    Free Windows

    BrowserTraySwitch icon
  • MultiBrowser

    Take control of the many browsers that you may have installed on your Mac. Can launch links from just about any application. Uses no resources when idle. Works with just about any browser. Highly configurable appearance lets you choose colors, size,…

    Free Mac

    MultiBrowser icon
  • Browser Selector

    BrowserSelector - Small system-wide utility to automatically route links opened to desired browsers depending on the URL (domain, url parts).

    Open Source Free Windows

    Browser Selector icon
  • Highbrow

    Achieve Mac web browser zen. Highbrow always knows which browser you want to use.

    Commercial Mac

    Highbrow icon
  • BrowserFreedom

    BrowserFreedom sits in between your links and the web browsers installed on your Mac. You can define rules to always open certain websites on a specific browser. Maybe you like to use Safari as your default browser but want YouTube to always open in…

    Commercial Mac

    BrowserFreedom icon