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We've compiled a list of 26 free and paid alternatives to The primary competitors include, In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between and Idka, Chatfuel, ChatbotsBuilder. Also you can look at other similar options here: About.

A simple, beautiful one-page website spotlighting what’s important to you.

An obvious clone of ( ), ask.

Idka is a collaborative social platform that allows you to share and communicate, while keeping...

Chatfuel is the best bot platform for creating an AI chatbot on Facebook.

ChatbotsBuilder is an online platform for easily building complete, effective and advanced...

Curious cat is a small social networking tool that allows you to connect with your followers by... is a SaaS allowing e-commerce websites to create sales chatbots from their product catalog.

Framework to build and host bots across multiple platforms.

Create your own conversational bot just by having a discussion. Platforms

tick-square Web-Based Video and Screenshots Overview

Create your very own conversational bot just by chatting and answering questions in a discussion. builds your bot based on your discussion.

As your artificially intelligent digital avatar, a bot can let anyone (fans, followers, friends, customers etc.) have a conversation with your virtual identity as if they're talking to real you! Features

tick-square Live Chat
tick-square Artificial intelligence
tick-square Auto responder
tick-square Automatic customer engagement
tick-square Chat Bot

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