Alternatives to AutoClipX

  • X-Mouse Button Control

    X-Mouse Button Control is a Windows application to remap your mouse buttons and expand the capabilities of your mouse! You are able to provide application or window specific mappings, which means an application or window can use the mouse buttons di…

    Free Windows

    X-Mouse Button Control icon
  • Key Manager

    Key Manager reveals the full potential of your keyboard and mouse and allows you to save time and efforts while working with your computer. Thanks to its flexible interface, you can now create various actions and execute them by pressing keys, mouse…

    Commercial Windows

    Key Manager icon
  • Multi Task Tool

    Multi Task Tool is a portable tool that, as its very name suggests, can be used to execute multiple tasks in Windows OS! The tool can be used for automation, math operations, to remap keyboard keys, remap mouse buttons, remap strings while typing an…

    Free Windows

    Multi Task Tool icon
  • TXMouse - True X-Mouse Gizmo

    Enable Copy-on-Select and paste with middle mouse button like in Linux X11 is better for fingers.Copy with mouse.Paste with mouse.Focus without clicks.Raise and lower windows.So called X-Mouse.One and only... True X-Mouse Gizmo. Have you ever paid a…

    Free Windows

    TXMouse - True X-Mouse Gizmo icon