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We've compiled a list of 20 free and paid alternatives to Aspose.Total for Reporting Services. The primary competitors include Sisense, Windward Studios. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between Aspose.Total for Reporting Services and GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric, Valentina Reports, MicroStrategy Business Intelligence. Also you can look at other similar options here: About.


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Understanding the special needs of Microsoft SQL Server developers, Aspose introduces Aspose.

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Aspose.Total for Reporting Services Overview

Understanding the special needs of Microsoft SQL Server developers, Aspose introduces Aspose.Total for Reporting Services, a suite of 5 unique Rendering Extensions for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Using these rendering extensions, developers can easily export their RDL reports to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents. Moreover, it is also possible to add Barcodes to the exported documents using Aspose.Total for Reporting Services that can be bought more affordably for one low price! Aspose.Total for Reporting Services is a more reliable and powerful reporting solution that has been produced after extensive research and hard work to enable developers to be more productive by delivering quality solutions to their customers on time.

Aspose.Total for Reporting Services = “n+” Rendering Extensions

Aspose.Total for Reporting Services is a suite product, currently consisting of 5 different rendering extensions for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Each individual rendering extension offers its own set of features and advantages. But Aspose.Total for Reporting Service is not limited to just these 5 rendering extensions, as a matter of fact; it includes “n+” rendering extensions. This means that if Aspose releases another rendering extension within one year from your date of purchase, then you would be completely entitled to use the new rendering extension without any additional cost. Hence the “n” represents the number of rendering extensions included now and the “+” represents all those rendering extensions which will be released in future.

Export RDL Reports to Multiple Formats

With Aspose.Total for Reporting Services you can export your RDL reports to any of the following formats without using Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat:

- Microsoft Word (DOC)
- Office Open XML (DOCX)
- Rich Text Format (RTF)
- WordprocessingML (WordML)
- Portable Document Format (PDF)
- Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)
- Microsoft PowerPoint SlideShow (PPS)
- Excel 97-2003 (XLS)
- SpreadsheetML
- Excel2007 (XLSX)

Comprehensive RDL Support

Aspose.Total for Reporting Services fully supports the complete RDL specification. This means that there is no need to redesign existing reports. You can export any existing RDL report and it will appear exactly according to the RDL design. Also there is no need to use a specific report designer. You can use any RDL report designer and the report will be exported exactly the way you designed it. Aspose.Total for Reporting Services supports the following RDL elements:

- Charts
- Footers
- Headers
- Images
- Lines
- Lists
- Matrices
- Page
- Rectangles
- Sections
- Styles
- Subreports
- Tables
- Textboxes

High Fidelity to the Report Design

Aspose.Total for Reporting Services allows you to export your RDL reports to various file formats with great precision. The exported reports have high fidelity to the report design. With Aspose.Total for Reporting Service you can easily obtain editable Microsoft Words documents, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Microsoft Excel worksheets, all of which are completely identical to the original report. You will also be able to generate PDF documents which closely resemble the existing report. All this is achieved without making any changes to your RDL report.

Easy and Lightweight Deployment

The installation package of Aspose.Total for Reporting Services includes MSI installers for each of its constituent rendering extension which can be installed on the computers running Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008 Reporting Services (32-bit and 64-bit). Each rendering extension is easy to deploy and manage manually, as it is comprised of only one .NET assembly, written completely in C#, CLS compliant and containing only safe managed code.

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