Alternatives to AdvancedMiner

  • R (programming language)

    R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.It is a GNU project which is similar to the S language and environment which was developed at Bell Laboratories (formerly AT&T, now Lucent Technologies) by John Chambers and…

    Open Source Free BSD Linux Mac Windows

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  • Orange

    Orange is an open-source, cross-platform data mining and machine learning suite. It features visual programming as intuitive means of combining data analysis and interactive visualization methods into powerful workflows. Visual programming enables u…

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows

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  • RapidMiner

    RapidMiner (Community edition) is a data mining software.It was formerly known as "YALE".

    Free with limited functionality Linux Mac Windows

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    Knime is a java open-source, cross-platform application which name means "Konstanz Information Miner". It is actually used extensively for data mining, data analysis and optimization. It can be downloaded as the core application itself(Knime Desktop…

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows

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  • IBM SPSS Statistics

    The IBM SPSS software platform offers advanced statistical analysis, a vast library of machine-learning algorithms, text analysis, open-source extensibility, integration with big data and seamless deployment into applications. Its ease of use; flexi…

    Commercial Linux Mac Windows

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  • EasyMorph

    The task of data transformation is traditionally believed to belong to IT developers while business users are typically left with Excel, or cumbersome Visual Basic and Python scripting. Although there have been attempts to create easy-to-use so-call…

    Freemium Windows

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  • Tableau Prep

    A complete picture of your dataThree coordinated views let you see row-level data, profiles of each column, and your entire data preparation process. Pick which view to interact with based on the task at hand. Immediate resultsIf you want to edit a …

    Commercial Self-Hosted Mac iPad iPhone Windows Web-Based

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    STATISTICA is a tried and true analytics platform with more than two decades of history in delivering successful business results for our customers, a global user base of more than 600,000 users.

    Commercial Windows

  • datarobot

    DataRobot's automated machine learning platform makes it fast and easy to build and deploy accurate predictive models. Learn how you can become an AI-driven enterprise today. Healthcare The healthcare industry has massive amounts of data available i…

    Commercial Self-Hosted Web-Based

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    H2O’s core code is written in Java. Inside H2O, a Distributed Key/Value store is used to access and reference data, models, objects, etc., across all nodes and machines. The algorithms are implemented on top of H2O’s distributed Map/Reduce framework…

    Open Source Free Java Linux Mac Windows icon
  • R Caret

    The caret package (short for _C_lassification _A_nd _RE_gression _T_raining) is a set of functions that attempt to streamline the process for creating predictive models. The package contains tools for: data splitting pre-processing feature selection…

    Open Source Free Personal R (programming language) Linux Mac Windows

  • Montecarlito

    MonteCarlito is a free Excel-add-in to do Monte-Carlo-simulations. Apart from these it can also do statistical analysis like mean, median, standard error, variance, skewness, kurtosis. It can create histograms. The code is open source. Main features…

    Open Source Free Microsoft Office Excel Mac Windows

  • Alteryx

    Alteryx is the fastest analytics platform that is purpose-built to empower data analysts & their productivity. Data analysts love Alteryx for blending complex data, building analytics in a much easier way than tools like SAS, and simplifying how…

    Commercial Software as a Service (SaaS) Windows Web-Based

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  • SAS

    SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. SAS is the first company to call when you need to solve complex business problems, achieve key objectives and more…

    Commercial Linux Windows

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  • Stata

    Data Analysis and Statistical Software for Professionals. Stata is a complete, integrated statistical package that provides everything you need for data analysis, data management, and graphics. Stata is not sold in pieces, which means you get everyt…

    Commercial Linux Mac Windows

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  • Revolution R

    Revolution Analytics provide commercial support and software for the open source R - the world's most powerful statistics software.

    Commercial Linux Mac Windows

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