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We've compiled a list of 32 free and paid alternatives to WHOT?!. The primary competitors include Twitter, Reddit. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between WHOT?! and Flipboard, ShuffleHex, Tildes. Also you can look at other similar options here: News and Books Solutions.

Get real-time updates about what matters to you.

Your Personal Magazine. Find, follow and flip stories that change your world.

Next Generation Content Discovery Platform where People can discover new and interesting content...

Free Open Source

A non-profit community site driven by its users' interests

Vote, save and share your favourite content.

A community where startups share on-topic links with each other and upvote the best ones to the top.

Free - Social Bookmarking - Save your bookmarks and links online and search what your friends...

WHOT?! is a new way to share, discover, and discuss what's hot on the web.

WHOT?! Platforms

tick-square iPhone
tick-square Android
tick-square Web-Based

WHOT?! Video and Screenshots

WHOT?! Overview

You can comment, upvote or downvote and #hashtag stories, videos, pictures or anything else you find on the web. Follow friends and other WHOT?! users or subscribe to #hashtags and the things you're interested will show up in your feed.

WHOT?! Features

tick-square Google Chrome Extensions

Top WHOT?! Alternatives

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