Alternatives to Weightbot

  • Ideal Weight Asistant

    Ideal Weight Asistant calculates your ideal and healthy weight, ideal waist. It show current form, fat rate, need to do, expected precaution, daily calorie. You can follow your weights everyday with Ideal Weight Asistant.

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  • Smart Weight Chart

    Smart Weight Chart Android software helps you tracking your weight by logging it and show in a graph. It also communicate wireless with the Smart Scale (Open Source bathroom scale) so it automatically logs the weight value or you can simple enter it…

    Open Source Free Android

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  • Weight Chart

    Android application for keeping a personal log of body weight and displaying as a chart. • Free and Open Source. No ads.• Enter weight in kilograms, pounds or stones.• Calculates BMI if you enter height in centimeters or feet.• Import CSV. Export CS…

    Open Source Free Android

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  • Fat to Fit Diet Plan

    Loose up to 60lb's!Solid 12 week diet plan Entertaining & jam packed with easy to use FeaturesShopping List, Live Tile, PRO-Weight & BMI Trackers Features- Delicious recipes- Easy to cook, shop & saves time - Visible weight loss in short…

    Commercial Windows Phone

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  • Simple Macro

    Simple Macro was made to help you keep track of your calories along with keeping track of your macro nutrient distribution. Diet is the most important part of reaching your weight goals whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle. Tracking your m…

    Free Android

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  • openScale

    openScale is an open source app which support various Bluetooth scales to keep easy log of your body metrics. Features: - Logs your body metrics (weight, body fat, body water, muscle percentage, lean body mass, bone mass, BMI, BMR, waist/hip circumf…

    Open Source Free Android

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  • Happy Scale

    With other weight loss apps, you have to record your weight for several weeks before you can start to understand how much weight you're losing and when you'll hit certain weights. But if you input those same weights into Happy Scale, it will use fan…

    Freemium iPad iPhone

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  • Libra - Weight Manager

    Libra lets you monitor your weight with a trend line, share charts and sync your progress with the cloud. Libra features:- Easy data entry- Scrollable, zoomable chart- BMI- Weight goal- Time-to-goal estimate- Daily KCal estimate- Statistics- Share c…

    Freemium Android

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    TactioHealth is available on both iOS and Android as a free download from Apple AppStore & Google Play respectively, and provides a complete health tracking experience with connectivity to lots of the world's leading electronic health devices. T…

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  • Weight Tracker - Before & After Photos and BMI

    Tracking the weight while losing or getting it is a necessary part of the process. Weight Tracker will help you not only lead the history of changing weight, set the goal, know your BMI, but also in a literal sense "see" your changes. In Weight Trac…

    Commercial iPhone

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  • Calorie Calculator

    Calorie Calculator is based on the Mifflin - St Jeor equation because is the most accurate. To determine your daily calorie amount you need: Enter your current weight, age, height, and gender into the calculator. Do your best estimate of how much ex…

    Commercial Mac

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  • HeadUp Labs

    Being human is hard work. There are step counts to smash, fruit and veg quotas to hit and skinny jeans to fit into. All of this while maintaining a thriving social life, killing it at work, and staying sane. Your wearable device helps, but there’s a…

    Free iPhone Android

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  • Nutritionix Track

    Nutritionix Track allows users to track their calorie consumption and weight loss on the website. Nutritionix is home to the largest verified nutrition database in the world, with over 500 000 food items including: 370 000 grocery Items with UPCs/GT…

    Free Android Tablet iPad iPhone Web-Based Android

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  • Withings Health Mate

    TOTAL HEALTH TRACKING Creating a healthy lifestyle starts with knowing where you stand. Health Mate lets you view a complete history of your health data, including activity, sleep, weight, and more, so you can see trends, track progress, and improve…

    Free Android Tablet iPad iPhone Web-Based Android

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  • Droid Weight

    Droid Weight is a simple, easy to use, free android weight tracking app that helps you keep a journal of your weight on your android phone. Droid Weight Features:- tracks your weight & BMI, body fat, waist length- graphs your weight/body fat/wei…

    Open Source Free Android

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  • Noom Weight Loss

    Lose weight without going crazy! Noom Weight Loss is a full-featured app that helps you achieve your weight loss goals by combining exercise tracking, food logging and motivation into one easy-to-use package. Set up a personal weight loss plan and t…

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    Super. Simple. Weight tracking - Keep track of your weight in style.

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  • fabtrackr

    Trying to lose weight again and again? Me too, try this simple on-line food and weight tracking application with unique nutritional database.

    Free Web-Based

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  • Slim - weight and BMI tracker

    Slim is a beautifully weight tracker for iPhone. Use Slim to log and track your weight, to set your target weight and to get reminded to step on the scale. Slim utilizes the full potential of Apple Health. By synchronizing data with Apple Health, Sl…

    Commercial iPhone

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  • Health by Zeplia

    Living a healthier life is often challenging. Changing your daily routine in order to accommodate one hour of running or changes to your culinary habits can be intimidating. And while friends or family might not always be around to offer support, He…

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