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We've compiled a list of 20 free and paid alternatives to Weightbot. The primary competitors include Simple Macro, Noom Weight Loss. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between Weightbot and Calorie Calculator, HeadUp Labs, TACTIO HEALTH. Also you can look at other similar options here: Sport and Health Software.

Simple Macro was made to help you keep track of your calories along with keeping track of your...

Calorie Calculator is based on the Mifflin - St Jeor equation because is the most accurate.

Sync your Fitbit or Apple Watch to the HeadUp Labs app & see your personalised human dashboard...

TactioHealth is available on both iOS and Android as a free download from Apple AppStore &...

Withings Health Mate is the best way to keep track of activity, sleep, weight, and more.

Whether you are trying to lose (or gain) a few pounds, tracking your weight has never been more fun.

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Whether you are trying to lose (or gain) a few pounds, tracking your weight has never been more fun. Set your goal weight, record your weight at any interval (one weight per day max), view your BMI, and see your progress on a beautiful graph. Weightbot also has a built-in secure password feature to protect your weight from prying eyes. It’s easy to use, surprisingly addicting, and designed for everyone to enjoy. Even if you are not actively dieting, you will love tracking your weight just to use Weightbot.

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