Alternatives to WaveEngine

  • MonoGame

    One framework for creating powerful cross-platform games. The spiritual successor to XNA with 1000's of titles shipped across desktop, mobile, and console platforms. MonoGame is a fully managed .NET open source game framework without any black boxes…

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows Web-Based

    MonoGame icon
  • Xenko Game Engine

    Xenko is an open-source C# game engine designed for the future of gaming. It comes with a full toolchain and is especially well suited to create realistic games but allows you much more! FEATURES: - Full featured editor to edit scenes, UI, sprites, …

    Open Source Free Xbox Linux Mac iPad Windows Android

    Xenko Game Engine icon
  • Appcelerator Titanium

    Appcelerator Titanium, offered for free by Appcelerator, lets web developers use web technologies, open source and cloud computing to build native apps for iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted Linux Mac Windows

    Appcelerator Titanium icon
  • ENIGMA - LateralGM

    ENIGMA, the Extensible Non-Interpreted Game Maker Augmentation, is an open source cross-platform game development environment derived from that of the popular software GameMaker. Its intention is to provide you with a quality game creation tool and …

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows

    ENIGMA - LateralGM icon
  • Castle Game Engine

    An open-source 3D/2D game engine for ObjectPascal. We support of lot of 3D and 2D formats (VRML / X3D, Collada, Wavefront OBJ, MD3, Spine...),we're portable to a lot of platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS...),we provide optimized rende…

    Open Source Free BSD Linux Mac Windows

    Castle Game Engine icon
  • PlayCanvas

    PlayCanvas is the world’s easiest to use WebGL Game Engine. It’s free, it’s open source and it’s backed by amazing developer tools.

    Freemium Self-Hosted Linux Mac Windows Web-Based

    PlayCanvas icon
  • Verge3D

    Verge3D is a powerful and intuitive toolkit which allows 3ds Max or Blender artists to create immersive web-based experiences. Verge3D can be used to build interactive animations, product configurators, engaging presentations of any kind, online sto…

    Freemium Blender WebGL Autodesk 3ds Max Self-Hosted Linux Mac Windows Web-Based

    Verge3D icon
  • QICI Engine

    QICI Engine is a free and opensource JavaScript library, based on free and opensource game engine Phaser, with a web-based comprehensive suite of HTML5 game making editor. QICI Engine is made up of three parts: QICI Core, QICI Widget and QICI Editor…

    Open Source Free Mac Windows

    QICI Engine icon
  • Blend4Web

    Blend4Web is a tool for interactive 3D visualization on the Internet.Our framework is well suited for showcasing products, e-learning, game development, advertising and webdesign.Blend4Web-powered apps work in common web browsers including mobile on…

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows Web-Based

    Blend4Web icon
  • Cocos Creator

    Cocos2d-x is an open-source and cross platform open source free game engine for mobile game development known for its speed, stability, and ease of use. Initially built for 2D games, the engine now features 3D tools for scene editing, lighting and m…

    Free Mac Windows

    Cocos Creator icon
  • Construct Classic

    Construct Classic is a free, DirectX 9 game creator for Windows, designed for 2D games. It uses an event based system for defining how the game behaves, in a visual, human-readable way - you dont need to program or script anything at all. Its intuit…

    Open Source Free Windows

    Construct Classic icon
  • Playir

    Create your own mobile apps & 3D multiplayer games with our super-easy design tools for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and HTML5! Less programming, more playing. Drag and drop - Makes your own menus and levels by simply dragging in new 3D models an…

    Freemium Open Source Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad iPhone Android

    Playir icon
  • Arcade Game Studio

    ARGS is a program tool for making games with the look and feel of the '80s arcade games. Includes genres such as Run'n'Gun, vertical and horizontal Shooters or Platform games, you will be able to make similar games to Pac-Man, Commando, 1942, Ghosts…

    Free Windows

    Arcade Game Studio icon
  • GeeXLab

    GeeXLab is a free standalone application for desktop operating systems. Just download it and use it. GeeXLab is available for Windows 32/64-bit, Linux 64-bit, Mac OS X and Raspberry Pi.GeeXLab supports both Lua and Python as main languages for demo …

    Free Raspberry Pi Linux Mac Windows

    GeeXLab icon
  • Open RPG Maker

    Open RPG Maker is a free and open source clone of features from the RPG Maker series (i.e. rpgmaker200, rpgmaker2003, rpgmakerxp), as well as many other features. All of the data files are in XML format and are easily editable with any text editor.

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows

    Open RPG Maker icon
  • Platinum Arts Sandbox

    Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker is an open source free game maker, free RPG Maker, free sidescroller maker, free Machinima creator, and game design tool that makes it easy for kids and adults to create video games, maps and worlds.

    Open Source Free Linux Windows

    Platinum Arts Sandbox icon
  • FPS Creator Classic

    FPS Creator sets a new benchmark in the game creation market by providing an easy-to-use yet highly flexible editing environment. As its name implies this is a tool for creating action-packed FPS games with no programming or 3D modelling knowledge r…

    Open Source Free Windows

    FPS Creator Classic icon
  • ct.js

    Highly extensibleThe core library of ct.js is small but powerful and can be easily extended in one click by modules. Users can write their own modules, too. Easy to learnct.js is accessible and ready-to-use for both newbies and pros. It is bundled w…

    Free Linux Mac Windows

    ct.js icon
  • Blitz3D

    Create 2D and 3D Games for Windows. If you've been yearning to create games but have been frustrated by the complexity of programming languages such as C++ or Java, you've come to the right place! Blitz3D provides a simple yet powerful environment f…

    Open Source Free Windows

    Blitz3D icon
  • Lobster

    Lobster is a game programming language. It was developed to make it easier for people who are already programmers to prototype and make games.

    Open Source Free Linux Windows