Alternatives to TweetCaster

  • TweetDeck

    TweetDeck aims to evolve the existing functionality of Twitter by taking an abundance of information i.e twitter feeds, and breaking it down into more manageable bite sized pieces. From a poster's point of view, it supports shortening URLs by a coup…

    Free Chrome Mac Web-Based

    TweetDeck icon
  • Twidere

    Tired of seeing ads and promotions in your timeline, being disrupted by tweets from bots and people you don't like, or just want a pure Twitter experience back like the good old days? Try Twidere for Twitter! Twidere is an open source, fully feature…

    Open Source Free Android Tablet Android

    Twidere icon
  • Tweetbot

    Tweetbot is an award-winning, full-featured* Twitter client for the Mac. It has a beautiful interface with light & dark themes, multiple-column support and much more. * Twitter does not grant 3rd party apps access to every single feature that is…

    Commercial Twitter Apple Watch Mac iPad iPhone

    Tweetbot icon

    Post something and your followers see it. You can post almost anything that can be represented with activity streams -- short or long text, bookmarks, images, video, audio, events, geo checkins. You can follow friends, create lists of people, and so…

    Open Source Free Node.JS Self-Hosted

  • Gwibber

    Gwibber is an open source microblogging client for GNOME developed with Python and GTK. It brings the most popular social networking web services to your desktop and gives you the ability to control how you communicate. It supports Twitter, Identi.c…

    Open Source Free Linux

    Gwibber icon
  • Birdie

    Birdie is a beautiful & fast Twitter client designed for elementary OS . Open SourceBirdie is completely free and open source. Its source code is available for anyone to download and modify. Endless TweetsYou can browse your Twitter stream forev…

    Open Source Free elementary OS Linux

    Birdie icon
  • Echofon for Twitter

    Echofon is the easy-to-use, super fast Twitter app that smartly syncs across all your devices. Wrapped in a beautiful, clean interface, Echofon for Android packs a punch, featuring gorgeous desktop widget, instant notifications, light and dark color…

    Freemium Android Tablet iPad iPhone Android

    Echofon for Twitter icon
  • Socialite

    Socialite is a revolutionary social application that keeps all your social networks in one convenient place!Socialite makes it easy to stay in touch with the social networks and services that matter to you. It saves your time by seamlessly integrati…

    Free Mac

    Socialite icon
  • Tweetdeckr

    Tweetdeckr is an open source TweetDeck replacement client. As of the 15th April 2016 Twitter is officially discontinuing Tweetdeck for Windows. Tweetdeckr aims to be a simple drop in replacement for the previous version. Completely open source on Gi…

    Open Source Free Windows

    Tweetdeckr icon
  • Twitterrific

    Re-imagined from the ground up to be the Mac's most friendly, powerful and modern Twitter client. Twitterrific makes Twitter fun. ? Twitter Your Way A clean, uncluttered timeline featuring just the content you care about. Tweets are presented in chr…

    Freemium Twitter Apple Watch Mac iPad iPhone

    Twitterrific icon
  • Janetter

    Janetter is a Twitter client application.Faster, smarter, and more powerful.The best Twitter client on the net! Janetter's Features:-A variety of designs-Realtime update-High Speed Performance-Support for Multiple Accounts-Multiple time-line viewer-…

    Freemium Android Tablet Kindle Fire Mac iPad iPhone Windows Android

    Janetter icon
  • AndStatus

    AndStatus is an Open Source low traffic social networking client with tree-like threaded conversations. It supports different Social networks, including GNU social (StatusNet, e.g., LoadAverage, etc.), Twitter and AndStatus can c…

    Open Source Free Android

    AndStatus icon
  • Flamingo for Twitter

    Flamingo is a bright and colourful Twitter client, which a simple and greatly customisable interface. It provides you with the Twitter experience you know and love with beautiful material design. You can easily switch between several accounts, and i…

    Freemium Android

    Flamingo for Twitter icon
  • Tweetings

    Tweetings is a Twitter client for Mac OS X with an extensive feature list including lists, exclusion filters, TwitLonger, GeoLocation and syncs your timeline with your iPhone or iPad! Follow your friends tweets, share your photos, view conversations…

    Commercial Apple Watch Android Tablet Mac iPad iPhone Android

    Tweetings icon
  • UberSocial

    UberSocial will keep you up-to-date while you're on-the-go, offering lightning-fast functionality, curated content, customization options, and a richer, more user-friendly Twitter experience. The world's most popular full-featured Twitter app is ava…

    Freemium Blackberry iPhone Android

    UberSocial icon
  • Twicca

    Twicca is a Twitter client for Android that is simply awesome. Features:* Notification* Auto pager* Search* Post with photo upload* Geo tagging* Saved searches* Recent hashtags* Reply history* Lists* Retweet* Color label* Managing twitter profile* T…

    Freemium Android

    Twicca icon
  • Twidge

    Twidge is a tool for interacting with microblogging sites such as Twitter and Twidge is a full command-line client. It is designed to be useful when you’re sitting at a shell prompt. It’s also designed to work well with the Unix/POSIX/Lin…

    Open Source Free Linux

    Twidge icon
  • Tweet It!

    "Tweet It!" is designed with every single Windows device in mind. From phone with touch screen to desktop PC with mouse and keyboard you'll have great expirience. And Continuum support for pleasant PC like Twitter browsing when you are away from it.

    Commercial Windows Phone Windows S Windows

    Tweet It! icon
  • Falcon Pro for Twitter

    Falcon is a powerful widget that brings a full Twitter client to your homescreen ! Widget can:* Read your Timeline / mentions without even opening an app* Open web pages (internal browser), pictures, videos and replies from any tweet in one tap - Fa…

    Commercial Android Tablet Android

    Falcon Pro for Twitter icon
  • Fenice

    Fenice is a full-featured Twitter app for Windows designed to offer the best Twitter experience to every user (pro or casual ones). TOP FEATURES - Interactive notifications: reply, add to favorites or retweet a mention without even launch the app! W…

    Commercial Windows Phone Windows

    Fenice icon