Alternatives to Tracks

  • Quiver

    Quiver is a notebook built for programmers. It lets you easily mix text, code and Markdown within one note, edit code with an awesome code editor, live preview Markdown and LaTeX cells, and find any note instantly via the full-text search. ## Mix Te…

    Commercial Mac

    Quiver icon
  • Inkdrop

    Inkdrop enables hackers to keep track of their daily progress when it comes to hacking in one convenient spot without having to rely on traditional word processors. Inkdrop features support for #Markdown with the ability to do code syntax highlighti…

    Commercial Linux Mac iPhone Windows Android

    Inkdrop icon
  • WizNote

    WizNote is a Note software, which is especially designed for Internet users and mobile Internet users. WizNote focuses more on notes of rapid collection, management, reading and sharing. WizNote is smaller, more stable, and more suitable for compute…

    Commercial Open Source BSD Android Tablet Windows Phone Windows S Linux Mac iPad iPhone Windows Web-Based Android

    WizNote icon
  • Piggydb

    Piggydb is a Web notebook application that provides you with a platform to build your knowledge personally or collaboratively. With Piggydb, you can create highly structured content by connecting knowledge fragments to each other to build a network …

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted Linux Mac Windows

    Piggydb icon
  • Elephant

    Elephant is a notetaker with a classic interface you already know. Keep your notes to yourself. No accounts or clouds. For syncing use Dropbox, Github, rsync, ... No feature bloat or redesigns, ever. Elephant stores notes in plain files and folders.…

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows

    Elephant icon
  • Cryptee

    Cryptee is a cross platform, encrypted and secure home for your private documents, notes, files and photos. You can take notes with photos, videos and audio in Cryptee and even attach a PDF or any other filetype. It uses a strong client-side AES256 …

    Freemium Chrome OS Android Tablet Chrome iPad iPhone Web-Based Android

    Cryptee icon
  • Notational Velocity

    Notational Velocity is a mouseless application for storing and retrieving notes. With Notational Velocity, searching for notes is not a separate action; rather, it is the primary interface. Searching encompasses all notes content and occurs instantl…

    Open Source Free Mac

    Notational Velocity icon
  • Alternote

    Gorgeous note-taking app for Mac with Evernote integration. Alternote has pixel-perfect interface, robust search, distraction-free mode and lots more. It is designed to be the most convenient and natural way to make notes, collect information, write…

    Commercial Mac

    Alternote icon
  • Trilium Notes

    Features Notes can be arranged into arbitrarily deep hierarchy (tree)Notes can have more than 1 parents - see cloningRich WYSIWYG note editing including e.g. tables and images with markdown autoformatSupport for editing notes with source code, inclu…

    Open Source Free Self-Hosted Linux Windows

    Trilium Notes icon
  • MemPad

    MemPad is a plain text outliner and note taking program with a structured index. All pages are stored in a single file. User interface available in 20 languages. Unicode. The program offers standard editing functions including cut, copy, paste, undo…

    Free Windows

    MemPad icon
  • Milanote

    The notes app for creative work.For the research, thinking and planning behind your next great piece of work.

    Free with limited functionality Software as a Service (SaaS) iPad iPhone Web-Based

    Milanote icon
  • Umbrella Note

    A simple, beautiful and powerful application for writing and taking notes. Our goal with Umbrella Note has been to build a beautiful and extremely simple application for taking notes and keeping journals.

    Open Source Free Linux Windows

    Umbrella Note icon
  • Journee

    A simplified, RedNotebook-type journal/diary app. With a focus on minimal design and a distraction free writing environment. Makes a folder full of dated text files that are easy to access even without the journal program. Other diary software keeps…

    Open Source Free Linux Windows

    Journee icon
  • myBase

    myBase is a unique freeform database software that creates full-text searchable databases and organizes information in the tree-structured outline form, along with capability of capturing information from a variety of data sources such as texts, web…

    Freemium Commercial Firefox Linux Mac Windows

    myBase icon
  • OneNote Online

    OneNote Online, part of Office Online, is the online version of Microsoft OneNote . All your notes—in one place and with you, anywhere. Get things done with your friends, family, classmates, and colleagues.

    Free Chrome OS Web-Based

    OneNote Online icon
  • Note Board

    Productivity app. Save information like a sticky notes. You can create notes with images, videos or whatever you want.Save pages to read later or capture any web content with the chrome or firefox extension.Share boards with your friends. Create pub…

    Free Firefox Android Tablet Chrome iPad iPhone Web-Based Android

    Note Board icon
  • Indigrid

    A new medium for your ideas—augment your thinking with a text editor designed for structuring lists. Side-by-side views allow 3 modes of thinking. Indigrid lets you list and group pieces of text in a hierarchical tree structure: so that you can orga…

    Free Windows

    Indigrid icon
  • BasKet

    A note taking application for KDE. Lots of features. This multi-purpose note-taking application helps you to: * Easily take all sort of notes * Collect research results and share them * Centralize your project data and reuse it * Quickly organize yo…

    Free BSD Linux

    BasKet icon
  • Synology Note Station

    Note Station allows your precious ideas to be synced from your own Synology NAS server device to all your computers and mobile devices with maximum privacy and security. Synology Note Station is a free add-on package for your Synology NAS server dev…

    Free Self-Hosted Mac iPad iPhone Windows Web-Based Android

    Synology Note Station icon
  • Boostnote

    Boostnote is simple note app, code manager, snippet manager and memo app for software programmers. Boostnote saves all of your information about development. Be a hacker's brain. Using Boostnote is totally free. Premium plan is coming soon!

    Open Source Free Linux Mac Windows

    Boostnote icon