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We've compiled a list of 10 free and paid alternatives to Tiled Tab Groups. The primary competitors include Tabs Outliner, Tab Group Switch. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between Tiled Tab Groups and Tab Workspaces, Tab Groups, Panorama View. Also you can look at other similar options here: Web Browsers.

Next Generation Session, Windows, Tabs Manager and a TooManyTabs Solution That Really Works.

Tab Groups
Free Open Source

Tab Groups are an easy way to organize a lot of tabs.

Panorama View
Free Open Source

Tab Groups with Panorama View. Lets you easily Group and manage Tabs visually, with tab hiding.

Sync Tab Groups
Free Open Source

Sync Tab Groups is an easy way to manage all your tabs.

Free Open Source

TabGroups married with Tab Containers and bookmark & history search

Power Tabs
Free Open Source

Vertical tab groups with tab searching.

Simplified Tab Groups
Free Open Source

This Firefox addon provides tab grouping features similar to the removed TabView/TabGroups/Panorama...

Provides tab groups / panorama functionality using the tab hide api.

Tiled Tab Groups Platforms

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Tiled Tab Groups Video and Screenshots

Tiled Tab Groups Overview

Displays compact tab lists in automatically tiled groups using the tab hide api.

- Automatically group tabs with either wildcard or regular expression rules
- Box-selecting tabs to move, close, etc. multiple tabs simultaneously
- Visual customization via CSS
- Stashing function to hide groups in the management user interface until needed
- Features for improved compatibility with Tree Style Tab

Default keybinds:
- F2 to toggle tab group view

Permissions used:
- tabs: Manipulate tabs and display tab information in group view
- tabhide: Hide and show tabs without closing them
- sessions: Store group information between sessions
- downloads: Save a backup file
- storage: Save settings
- webNavigation: Place tabs to specified group on navigation
- menus: Enable context menu items

Tiled Tab Groups Features

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tick-square Tabbed browsing
tick-square Firefox Extensions

Top Tiled Tab Groups Alternatives

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