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We've compiled a list of 5 free and paid alternatives to Spoonium. The primary competitors include Docker, DataCol. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between Spoonium and WinDocks, containerd, Dockercraft. Also you can look at other similar options here: Network and Admin Software.

Docker is an open-source engine that automates the deployment of any application as a lightweight...

Free Open Source

Datacol is a control layer on top of cloud (AWS/GCP), to provide Heroku like experience with the...

WinDocks provides Docker compatible containers on Windows Server 2012, with support for .

Free Open Source

An industry-standard container runtime with an emphasis on simplicity, robustness and portability

Free Open Source

A Minecraft Docker client! To visualize and run containers directly from a Minecraft environment.

Spoonium allows you to package applications and their dependencies into a lightweight, isolated...

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Spoonium Overview

Spoonium allows you to package applications and their dependencies into a lightweight, isolated virtual environment called a "container." Containerized ("Spooned") applications can then be run on any Windows machine that has Spoonium installed, no matter the underlying infrastructure. This eliminates installs, conflicts, breaks, and missing dependencies.

Spoonium is 100% free for public projects.

With Spoonium, Windows developers can:

- Develop and package applications in isolated containers that contain all dependencies, including runtimes such as .NET and Java, and databases such as SQL Server and MongoDB
- Automate testing and share test environments with QA, developers, and beta users with the Spoonium Hub
- Simplify development and eliminate bugs by deploying applications in a "known good" configuration with a fixed set of components and dependencies

With Spoonium, testers can:

- Run development code in a pre-packaged, isolated environment with software-configurable networking
- Rapidly rollback changes and execute tests across a span of application versions and test environments
- Test in multiple client, server, and browser environments concurrently on a single physical device
- Accelerate test cycles by eliminating the need to install application dependencies and modify configuration

In addition to container functionality, Spoonium offers a number of premium test services, such as manual and automated browser testing, Selenium testing, and CI integration.

With Spoonium, system administrators can:

- Remove errors due to inconsistencies between staging, production, and end-user environments
- Allow users to test out new or beta versions of applications without interfering with existing versions
- Simplify deployment of desktop applications by eliminating dependencies (.NET, Java, Flash) and conflicts
- Improve security by locking down desktop and server environments while preserving application access

Spoonium Features

tick-square Support for Docker
tick-square Hypervisor
tick-square Virtualization

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