Alternatives to Sherbit

  • Track & Share

    Track anything that matters to you - Just one tap to enter data - Capture notes along the way - Share results & notes - View powerful graphs, spot trends - Understand how things are related - Make changes to your life and measure results. KEY FE…

    Freemium iPhone

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  • Exist

    Exist lets you keep track of your life with advanced analytics that work across multiple services. Connect with any of these services: * Fitbit* Jawbone UP* Misfit* Moves* Withings* Runkeeper* RescueTime* iCal Calendars (Google, Apple iCloud)* Swarm…

    Commercial iPhone Web-Based Android

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  • Gyroscope

    Gyroscope lets you automatically track and share your life. Gyroscope integrates with all the fitness trackers and apps you're already using.

    Freemium Chrome iPhone Web-Based Android

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  • HabitBull

    HabitBull is a powerful companion which helps you keep track of your day to day habits and routines » Fully CustomizableMeasure and track anything and everything. Get notified whenever you need to do something important. » Cut Bad Habits From Your L…

    Freemium Android Tablet iPad iPhone Android

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  • Human

    Automatically track your walks, runs, and bike rides as you move throughout your day. Human helps you answer the question, “Am I doing enough?” Get a sense for how much your city moves and compare your activity levels to people like you. See how you…

    Freemium iPhone Android

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  • Remente

    We help you find out what’s important, make sure you do stuff that matters and give you the tools to live life at its fullest.- We can help focus your life and improve wellbeing.- Set, track, reach goals and form good habits.- Courses, tools and adv…

    Freemium iPad iPhone Android

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  • everyday

    Hello everyone! Thanks to your feedback emails I keep making the app better a little bit EVERY DAY. Remember that you can contact me from the settings menu! Please, consider reviewing the app! It helps more people to see it on the app store and me, …

    Commercial Android Tablet iPad iPhone Web-Based Android

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  • iPro Habit Tracker

    Description“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – AristotleLet Good Habits Drive You To Success!Track your habits and live a more organized life with the brand new iPro Habit Tracker. To track your progress, …

    Freemium Android

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  • Strivo

    Strivo offers a great way to complete your goals, by gamifying them. Build habitsInstead of tracking random individual habits, you build habits that act as building blocks for your goals. Strivo helps you build habits with purpose. Turn talk to acti…

    Free Web-Based

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  • Reporter App

    Reporter is an application for tracking the things you care about. With a few randomly timed surveys each day, Reporter can illuminate aspects of your life that might be otherwise unmeasurable.

    Commercial iPhone

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  • Habitloop

    Ready to design your lifestyle? Build new tiny habits that make a huge difference. Habitloop shows you what tiny steps are the most efficient and how to make them stick for good! This habit forming methodology was proven in over 100 studies. WARNING…

    Free iPhone

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  • DayDeed

    It's easy to lose motivation when trying to build new habits.

    Free Web-Based

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  • younlocked

    younlocked is the only personal tracking app that lets you use your phone’s lock screen** to collect all kinds of information about your health, lifestyle, and more. Choose what you want to track. Pick from a library of multiple-choice questions in …

    Free Android

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  • Instant

    Instant automatically tracks your daily activities: - How much time you spent on your phone & how many times you checked it- How much you walk, run and travel- Track the time you spend at places- Additionally reminders can be set according to yo…

    Commercial Android Tablet iPad iPhone Android

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  • Habit Tracker

    DescriptionNeed someone to reminder your to keep good habits? Someone? No, this small app is enough. It can track your activities with Habit tracker. It reminds your to log your habit activities everyday at specified time, so you can review your act…

    Free Android

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  • Dashpop

    No more boring checklists. With Dashpop, you pop balloons to finish a task. Whether you want to drink more water, eat less candy, workout more or learn a new language?—?create a reminder in Dashpop, setup your schedule and start popping! If you foll…

    Free iPhone

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