Alternatives to SecureCRT

  • Xshell

    Xshell is a powerful SSH1, SSH2, SFTP, TELNET, RLOGIN and SERIAL terminal emulator for Windows platforms. It allows users to gain access to Unix/Linux hosts easily and securely on a Windows workstation. SSH (Secure Shell) protocol supports encryptio…

    Free Personal Windows

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  • Terminals

    Terminals is a secure, multi tab terminal services/remote desktop client. It uses Terminal Services ActiveX Client (mstscax.dll).The project started from the need of controlling multiple connections simultaneously. It is a complete replacement for t…

    Open Source Free Windows

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  • Ásbrú Connection Manager

    Ásbrú Connection Manager is a user interface that helps organizing remote terminal sessions and automating repetitive tasks. - Simple GUI to manage/launch connections to remote machines- Scripting possibilities, 'ala' SecureCRT- Configurable pre or …

    Open Source Free Linux

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  • SmarTTY

    SmarTTY is a neat multi-tabbed SSH client with built-in SSH support. It makes it extremely easy to connect to your SSH servers and exchange files. It allows storing your private keys securely in Windows key containers and can set up the remote host …

    Free Windows

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  • FireSSH

    FireSSH is a free, cross-platform SSH terminal client for Mozilla Firefox. Written entirely in Javascript!

    Open Source Free Waterfox Pale Moon Firefox Linux Mac Windows

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  • Tera Term

    TeraTerm Project terminal emulator "Tera Term" and SSH module "TTSSH". This is Tera Term Pro 2.3 successor and is officially recognized by the original author. This software is open source software under BSD License.

    Free Windows

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  • RXVT

    RXVT –our extended virtual terminal– is a terminal emulator for X11. It is a popular replacement for the standard ‘xterm’.

    Open Source Free Linux Windows

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  • Core Shell

    A full featured terminal with built-in OpenSSH support, it’s focused managing and login to hosts efficiently. Don't waste your time; be productive. ## Features Full-featured Terminal• Compatible with and xterm.• Supports ansi 16 and 256…

    Freemium Mac

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  • Putty for Mac

    Putty is one of the Best Terminal Emulators available today. It Supports different types of Network Protocols such as SSH, FTP, SCP, Telnet etc. In Windows it is used as SSH Client to connect to Your Linux server or for some other purpose But what w…

    Commercial Mac

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  • MacTerm

    MacTerm (was MacTelnet) on OS X is now a complete replacement for Terminal, allowing access to both local and remote applications. Its many features include powerful terminals (with or without tabs), a very flexible preferences system, TEK vector gr…

    Open Source Free Mac

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  • Shell NGN

    Cloud based SSH & SFTP Client. Access your servers and network gear from your browser without installing anything.

    Freemium Web-Based

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  • Truck

    Still using FTP? Truck hauls data 30x faster thanks to its modern rsync engine (included) which compresses, de-duplicates and encrypts – giving significantly higher performance and security, right from the first transfer. Setup takes 3 clicks (no co…

    Commercial Mac

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  • WinSSHTerm

    WinSSHTerm is a tabbed SSH solution for Windows, combining PuTTY/KiTTY, WinSCP and VcXsrv. It helps you to be more productive. Using keyboard shortcuts and intelligent navigation tools allows you to quickly switch between or start new SSH sessions e…

    Freemium Free Windows

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  • PieTTY

    PieTTY is a free SSH client based on PuTTY and dedicated to multilingual (especially CJK) environments, accessibility, and simpler user interface. "Glass Window Mode" : Alpha-blending / HW-accelerated transparency & drop-shadow. Drag'n'drop scp …

    Free Windows

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  • lterm

    lterm is a vte-based terminal emulator for GNU/Linux systems. It is mainly used as ssh/telnet client but can be very easily configured to use any other protocol. Furthermore it can be a usual terminal on local host.Includes some features in order to…

    Open Source Free Linux Mac

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  • AbsoluteTelnet

    AbsoluteTelnet / SSH is a secure flexible terminal client with rock-solid emulations that is suitable for developers, administrators, or deployment across the enterprise. It includes the industry standard SSH protocols to secure terminal session dat…

    Commercial Windows

  • Doffen SSH Tunnel

    May 28, 2015 New version We needed a way to easily organize our complex network of servers and connect to them with one click. Hard to satisfy server admins use it every day and they love it. If you have to …

    Open Source Free Windows

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  • QuTTY

    QuTTY is a multi-tabbed, multi-paned SSH/Telnet client with a terminal emulator. The goal is to support advanced features similar to iterm2. Following features are supported. Multiple Tab interface. Multiple Split-pane interface. Easy navigation amo…

    Open Source Free Windows

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  • SSH Terminal Emulator

    SSH Terminal Emulator by devFluid connects to linux, unix, and other SSH capable devices directly through an SSH2 connection.

    Commercial Windows RT

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