Alternatives to SchemaDB

  • RedBeanPHP

    RedBeanPHP is an easy to use ORM for PHP. It's a Zero Config ORM lib that 'automagically' builds your database schema.

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  • PHP ActiveRecord

    PHP ActiveRecord is an open source ORM library based on the ActiveRecord pattern. It aims to massively simplify the interactions with your database and eliminate the chore of hand written SQL for common operations. Unlike other ORMs, you do not need…

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  • Propel ORM

    Propel is an open-source Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) for SQL-Databases in PHP 5.5. Additionaly, it provides a query-builder, database schema migration, reverse engineering of existing database and much more. Propel gives you the tools to work wi…

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  • Pork.dbObject

    It's an Object-Relation mapper for PHP 5 that attempts to be easy, fast, lightweight, uses optimized database queries and provides an easy Find() function very loosely based on rails'. Also, it has an automatic database analyzer and code g…