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We've compiled a list of 7 free and paid alternatives to rucksack. The primary competitors include Sprite Sheet Animator, TexturePacker. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between rucksack and Sprite Sheet Packer,, Alfred Spritesheet Unpacker. Also you can look at other similar options here: Games.

Sprite Sheet Packer
Free Open Source

Sprite Sheet Packer is a fully featured tool for combining multiple individual images into a...
Free Open Source

An open source sprite sheet packer. More tools coming soon.

Free Adobe Air app for Windows and Mac OSX with drag and drop - and clipbord Game Development tools.

Use Zwoptex to create sprite sheets in just a couple of clicks.

rucksack - texture packer and resource bundler

rucksack Platforms

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rucksack Overview

rucksack is a texture packer and resource bundler. Use the rucksack executable to build your resources file, and then depend on librucksack in-game to get the resources out at runtime. Alternately, roll your own resource-loading code using the file format detailed at the end of this README.

rucksack defines a resource manifest file format which is loosely based on JSON but accepts comments, extra punctuation, and unquoted strings. This manifest file tells rucksack which files to bundle and how to store them. rucksack uses a rectangle bin packing algorithm to efficiently store multiple images into a single texture, otherwise known as a "sprite sheet".

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