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We've compiled a list of 18 free and paid alternatives to QuickPull. The primary competitors include Memory Cleaner X, CleanMem. In addition to these, users also draw comparisons between QuickPull and Advanced Task Killer, TasKiller, Restart Me. Also you can look at other similar options here: OS and Utilities.

Memory Cleaner X cleans inactive RAM from your computer that allows you to have more applications...

CleanMem keeps memory use in check on the system without the memory being pushed to the page file.

TasKiller let you close (kill) your running applications in one click.

Free your Memory: kills all the unnecessary applications running in background freeing your RAM.

SuperRam will make your PC faster by boosting RAM performance and speed.

Windows fills up your computer's memory (RAM) little by little and finally RAM is filled with...

Mz RAM Booster is a program created to improve the performance of your computer by auto-recovering...

The problem: Is your PC getting slower? With so many different settings, files and processes to mo...

Simulates a “battery pull” on your BlackBerry®, freeing up memory!

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QuickPull Overview

Simulates a “battery pull” on your BlackBerry®, freeing up memory! Unlike the red power button on your phone which merely reloads your device, QuickPull actually refreshes the device, freeing memory and increasing performance! With new memory monitoring you can even set an alert to be notified if your memory is too low! So you can take action and choose to run a QuickPull™ now or be reminded later. Schedule to run daily or weekly. Frees up memory & combats leaks.
Set your a memory threshold to be prompted to QuickPull

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